Seattle Free School in the Press
Links to places you can read a bit more about us!

KUOW- Yup, we were on the radio... NPR no less!  A link to the podcast is on this website so you can hear it

                        if you missed it

Seattle Magazine- our first article in a big glossy mag

8/18/2008  The Rainier Valley Post- a mention about our upcoming canning class!

8/14/2008  Seattle PI Blog - about our canning class

8/14/2008  Botulism Blog- Who knew there was a botulism blog??!!

8/19/2008  Botulism Toolkit- Another cross post of the Seattle PI article

8/15/2008  Rob's Blog- Local blogger... thanks to this post there might be a Free School in Houston soon!

8/8/2008  TeachStreet- On their blog again, this time about honey...

8/14/2008  West Seattle Blog- our volleyball class featured on the W. Seattle Blog.

6/29/2008  Seattle Times article- On the front page of the Sunday Local section.... how amazing is that!

7/1/2008  Whole Life Times- Also known as Conscious Choice here in Seattle

3/3/2008  Seattle Weekly Blog about Seattle Free School

3/4/2008  Journal Newspaper mention of Seattle Free School

3/7/2008  North Seattle Herald-Outlook -on the front page even!!!

3/7/2008  Citizen Rain Blog

3/14/2008  NW Source Pet Dish Blog

3/20/2008  RADIO SPOT!

4/1/2008  Journal Newspaper Seattle Free School article

5/9/2008  HeraldNet

5/16/2008  North Seattle Herald-Outlook -yup, another mention in this paper!

5/14/2008  Seattle Times

5/27/2008  TeachStreet - We're a featured class on the blog!

6/4/2008  Seattle Weekly - Featured in their summer what to do pull out!

6/9/2008  Giving Tree Blog - about their first class at their space... some great pictures!

6/20/2008  West Seattle Blog

9/12/2008  Punkernoodle Blog- another local blogger mentions us!

9/15/2008  Eliacín’s Blog- another local blogger mentions us!

9/22/2008 Seattle Times Blog- another mention in the Devouring sEATtle blog!

9/29/2008 West Seattle Herald- a full article on the Free School.

9/30/2008 Teach Street Blog- a shout out to our time management class!

10/28/2008- Teach Street Blog- Information about the Giving Tree and their parntnership with us!

10/31/2008- Seattle PI- Seattle Free School in an article about Freebies.