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Facilitating- come learn what it takes to facilitate a Seattle FreeSchool class.  How to plan for your class, locations, etc will all be covered in this class/meeting.

            Facilitator – Clare Cronkleton, Jessica Dally and Dani Scar


                    Dec 4th, 6pm at the Giving Tree- 2008 Westlake Ave 


Leg warmers and arm warmers- Leg and arm warmers are not only fashionable and easy to make but keep you warm and cozy. An easy Holiday gift to make for yourself or others! This class is also a great opportunity to exchange fabric and with class mates.

Materials Needed:  Fabric (old sweaters or long sleeve shirts work best), yarn, ribbon, or elastic from old garments or bed sheets, sewing thread, sewing needle, decorations (more ribbon, buttons, bows, etc)


        Schedule- Friday November 28th, 1pm -3pm at the Giving Tree

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Felt Gift bags- Ever wash a nice sweater in a machine, not realizing that the sweater was wool.  Were you intrigued by the outcome?  Well, my friend, you discovered felting and this class is for you!
In this workshop students will use hand stitch, crochet, reweaving and other possible techniques to embellish and recreate wool scraps into bags of various types and uses- small little envelopes for tiny personal gifts (earrings, scrip cards whatever) and lunch bag size felt bags for bigger more substantial gifts

Materials needed:  Multiple Felt pieces at least 5"-7", Smaller felt for embellishment, Embroidery floss, Embroidery needles, Size 6-8 crochet hook (optional), Buttons, Assorted trim, Notebook and pencil


        Schedule- Saturday November 29th, 1pm -3pm at the Giving Tree

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Rag rugs and bags- Yes - another textile recycling class!  This time we will deconstruct wool and cotton work shirts into durable natural fiber rugs.  These work up quickly through crochet, knit or braiding techniques  just in time for frugal Christmas and other Holiday gifts.  Students should have a basic understanding of knitting and/or crochet or a willingness to experiment. 

Materials list: Old clothing and fabric suitable to be cut into strips, preferably 100% cotton or wool, Scissors or rotary cutter and mat, Needle, Thread, Size 11 knitting needle or size j or k crochet hook, Braiding bodkins, Notebook and pencil


        Schedule- Saturday December 6, 1pm -3pm at the Giving Tree

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Draft Busters- Save energy and keep the cold out with sustainable draft busters!  These terrific home accessories reduce heating costs by keeping heat inside your home while using materials you might otherwise throw away.

Materials Needed: Fabric (old clothes, blankets, pillow cases work well), yarn or ribbon, sewing needle, sewing thread, Needle and thread, Saw dust to stuff the things (provided by the Giving Tree), Notebook and pencil


        Schedule- Saturday December 13, 1pm -3pm at the Giving Tree



Aluminum Candle Shields/Ornaments- Create Aluminum reflective shields for tea lights to light the long winter nights, (not to mention -  find a use for all those extra pie tins and roaster pans that have one more use left in them)  Students will emboss, cut and hole punch stars, angels, and other winter totems to fashion beautiful items to keep and share.

Materials: Aluminum pie pans or roasting pan, Stylus, All purpose, scissors, Tea lights, Notebook and pencil


        Schedule- Saturday December 20, 1pm -3pm at the Giving Tree

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Wine cork bulletin boards, Office Sets and Trivets- A worthy project and not for the faint of heart.  This is one of those times to imbibe and know that in the New Year you will be better off for it as you collect wine corks and other do dads to create items that will help you organize the year. The corks and frame will be transformed to a bulletin board.  Salt boxes, pringle cans, and oatmeal boxes will transform into a matched office set for organizing pens and pencils, paper clips and who knows what else.


Materials: Corks - lots of them at least 20 for a small board, Wood picture frame, Cardboard boxes and cans, Mat board to fit the size of your frame, Old Maps, 2008 Calendars, Notebook and pencil


        Schedule- Saturday December 27, 1pm -3pm at the Giving Tree

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Improvisation- Whether you are a seasoned performer or have never been in front of a group of people in your life, this improvisation class is for the curious, the daring, or those who just want to have a heck of a lot of fun playing games that will sharpen your ear, mind & body and build on your ability to work & play as a team. Students are asked to commit to attending all three classes.

          Facilitator- Julian Schrenzel

          Schedule- December 1st, 4th and 8th from 7-9pm

              at the Cascade People's Center- 309 Pontius Ave N

            Class is full, sign up for the waiting list here!


Stocks 101: Shopping for Publicly Traded Companies- What is a stock?  What is the stock market?  Anyone can learn how to invest in stocks, a powerful way to invest over the long-term future.  Learn to use everyday knowledge and detective work to find, identify, and research potential companies to become owners in.  Learn how to interpret and analyze a company’s financial statements in determining profitability and investment worthiness.

          Facilitator- James Fernandez has been investing for over 15 years.  He has worked in banking and real estate for over 18 years.  Recommend bring a calculator & notebook.

          Schedule- November 22nd, 1-2:30pm at the High Point Library

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Basic Bicycle Maintenance- Learn the basic skills required to keep your bike running!

          Facilitator- Josh Larios

          Schedule- check back for more classes soon!


Transform Yourself: An Introduction to Stages of Ego Development- Greater clarity, wisdom, empowerment, fulfillment, sense of belonging and purpose - we all want that. In this class, we're bringing the works of pioneers in the field of human potential and development into mainstream awareness by introducing a theory of the stages of adult ego development. You'll learn about the 10 stages, how to recognize which stage you tend to operate from, and how you might continue to develop yourself.

         Facilitators- Lain Kahlstrom- Integral coach and student of human development and Wendy Visconty- CPA, coach and student of human development

         Schedule- check back for more classes!


Meal Planning & Grocery Shopping on a Budget- Come learn how to establish a meal plan and shop affordably!

            Facilitator- Deborah Schumacher

            Schedule- More coming soon!


Costuming on a Budget- recreate your favorite movie or tv costume for cheap!  Learn tips and resources that won't break the bank, and get some great ideas for Halloween, parties, etc!

            Facilitator – Beth Wade

            Schedule-  Class Cancelled!  We'll be having this one next year for Halloween.


Mead Making 101-Come learn how to make mead and other fruit wines! This class covers what you need, as well as basic recipes (including non-alcoholic mead for the little ones), and a brief history of mead.
Please note: there will be no actual brewing or tasting of alcohol during this class. All ages welcome.

            Facilitator – Beth Wade

            Schedule-  Look for more classes soon!


National Novel Writing Month - Learn what NaNaWriMo is, how to prepare for it, how to get involved and stay motivated, and the joy of writing a novel in 30 days!

            Facilitator – Beth Wade

            Schedule- More Coming soon!


Knitting and Crochet with Plastic-take your plastic bags-grocery bags, bread bags, newspaper bags and turn them into a usable durable fiber.  Students should have a basic understanding of knitting and/or crochet or a willingness to experiment.  In addition students will get an overview of tote-bag, hat, and/or rug creation and pattern design.  These make great frugal Christmas gifts!


Supplies students must bring:

**Clean plastic bags (do not use the plastic bags used for meats for health reasons.), tape measure, scissors, J crochet hook/size 11 knitting needles or a comfortable size of either, pencil and notebook.

         Facilitator- Clare Cronkleton

           Schedule-  look for more classes coming up!


Time Management from the Inside Out-come to this session if you want to reduce your stress level and feel more in control of your life. We'll identify values, re-evaluate priorities and learn tools for managing your time more effectively.

          Facilitator – Heidi Lang, Leadership development trainer for 10


            Schedule- look for more classes coming soon!


Beach Volleyball for Beginners- Come learn to play beach volleyball.  Have fun in the sun while getting a great workout!  Bring water, towel, sunscreen, hat, extra clothes and sports attire.

          Facilitator – James Fernandez

            Schedule- look for more classes coming soon!


Assertive Communication- Have you ever said "yes" when you wanted to say "no?" Or gotten so angry you said something you regretted later? In this class you will learn how assertive communication allows you to respectfully engage with others while also respecting your own needs. Come and assess your skill level, learn new techniques and practice in a supportive environment.

          Facilitator – Heidi Lang, Leadership development trainer for 10


            Schedule- More coming soon!


The $1.29 solution to reducing Credit Card debt-

If you're tired of owing your life to credit card companies, learn how to motivate yourself to control, reduce, and eventually eliminate that debt.  Bring a calculator, your credit card statements, and a notepad.  Your privacy will be respected.

          Facilitator – George Kulstad (debt-free)

            Schedule- look for more classes coming soon!


Cheese Making- see below for what cheese is taught at each class

          Facilitator – Jessica Dally former cheesemaker for Samish Bay


            Schedule-  Next classes will be in 2009


Soap Making-

    HOT PROCESS CLASS- will cover hot process soap making only

           Facilitator - Jessica Dally

           Schedule- Next classes will be in 2009


Sew Your Own Grocery Bag-Students will recycle and remake fabric remnants and clothing cast-offs into unique and durable shopping bags.

Facilitator – Clare Cronkleton

            Schedule-  More Coming Soon!



Canning- will cover food safety, water bath canning and pressure canning and when to use each method.

Facilitator – Jessica Dally Master Canner/Food Preserver

            Schedule- Next classes will be in 2009 


Corn Dollies-Wecome the season of the harvest! In this class you will learn the folk art tradition of making a doll from the dried husks of corn. We will discuss various technigues for making the doll including dying techniques and incorporating other materials. As the dolls take shape, all participants will be encouraged to share their thoughts and individual traditions about dolls, toys, folk art, cultural significance of dolls(and idols)and the importance of sharing the harvest.

Facilitator – Clare Cronkleton

            Schedule-  Check back for the next class


Getting your Irish Citizenship- In this class we'll cover how to go about getting your Irish Citizenship for anyone with a parent or grandparent born in Ireland (Northern Ireland too).

Facilitator – Jessica Dally-Irish Citizen

            Schedule-  Class will be taught again in 2009!


Anarchism 101- Come learn and discuss!  What is anarchism?  How long has anarchism been around?  Is it possible to create an anarchist society?  What projects are anarchists working on today here in Seattle?  And any
other questions you may have.

         Facilitator- Team Victory Collective

         Schedule- Check back for the next class!


Folk Art Garden Basket- This class will be all about making baskets from paper.  Inspired by an article in Mother Earth News come learn how to use paper grocery to create very durable baskets.

        Facilitator- Clare Cronkleton

        Schedule- Check back for the next class!


Home Sellers Class- this class will take you through the entire home selling process,from preparation and staging to negotiating the offer, qualifying buyers and getting the deal to closing.

          Facilitators- Kirsten Mohan and Dave Nuber

          Schedule- More soon!


Basic Auto Repair- Come learn how to change a tire, what maintenance will make you get better gas milage and how to change your alternator... for those with no automotive experience what so ever.

Facilitator – Jessica Dally former ASE Certified Auto Technician

            Schedule- Next classes will be in 2009



Beekeeping- covering the basics of beekeeping in the city, from getting your bees to extracting honey to getting your hives ready for winter and everything in between

            Facilitator – Jessica Dally-beekeeper in Seattle for 3 years

            Schedule- Next classes will be in 2009


Keeping Chickens in the City- covering the basics of keeping chickens in the city.  Includes information on starting with chicks.

Facilitator – Jessica Dally-Chicken Herder in Seattle for 4 years

            Schedule- Next classes will be in 2009


Beginning Knitting- This class will focus on making a hat or a scarf, the choice is yours.

         Materials List-  Please bring the following with you to class:

 Materials for the hat will include size 15 16" long circular knitting needles, 4-5 size 15 double ended knitting needle (sold as a set), one skein of bulky yarn- at least 60 yards.  For the scarf you'll need one skein of yarn- at least 90-100 yards, and corresponding straight knitting needles (most yarn labels have a suggested needle size.)  Pick plain yarn- no baubbles or fur- this will make it difficult to see your stiches.

        Facilitator - Andrea Strong

        Schedule- this class will be hosted again in a few months...

           keep your eyes open for the new posting!


Beginning Embroidery/ Embellishment- Like a paint brush or pencil, an embroidery needle can be used as a tool for artistic expression.  Come learn the four basic stitches (flat, looped, knotted, and composite) in addition to some easy variations.

         Materials List- Embroidery hoop, A pair of scissors, At least two skein of different colored embroidery floss, one embroidery needle with a large eye, A piece of fabric that is at least 4 inches bigger than your embroidery hoop on all sides- the fabric should NOT be too stretchy, have an open weave, or have a strong pattern.  You don't need new fabric....try finding an old garment, pillow case, etc.  Small found objects (such as aquarium pebbles, dried grass, bottle caps, different types of string, charms)

         Facilitator - Grace Willard

         Schedule- keep your eyes open for the next class!