What is Fandango / Que es el Fandango
Fandango jarocho is a four-hundred-year-old tradition from Veracruz, Mexico born from the encounter between European, Indigenous, African, and Arab cultures. After being canonized by the Mexican government, El Nuevo Movimiento Jaranero reclaimed the musical celebration of fandango in the 1970’s as a space for community transformation and empowerment. Over the last twenty years, Chicano and Mexican communities in the U.S. have engaged with communities in Veracruz to use fandango as a technology for community building and social justice that transcends national borders.

The Seattle Fandango Project joins this movement by using the fandango to build and transform community. As a technology (in the analog), fandango contains protocols within dance, music, verse, and participation that provide new channels of communication, connection, and understanding. People find themselves through musical interaction with others, and both individually and communally realize new possibilities and ways of being. This is convivencia, to convene and coexist. Once people leave fandango, this new sense of self carries over to other parts of their lives.


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