Who We Serve

Our clientele includes those who refer themselves, or who come for aftercare from inpatient treatment. Others arrive as a result of interaction with an Employee Assistance Program or the legal system. Sometimes they come via intervention with caring family members.

The people who seek treatment here can be anywhere on a continuum - from those who might merely be wrestling with problems related to substance abuse, to those who are in the throes of late-stage alcoholism or drug addiction.

We have a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker on staff and we work with clients who are experiencing a variety of underlying mental health issues in addition to their chemical dependency.

We also collaborate with medical doctors in cases where physical health concerns are likely to affect the outcome of drug/alcohol treatment.

Our intent is to accommodate clients as much as possible, and provide treatment that addresses the whole person and welcomes diversity.

We treat both men and women from age 18 and up. We work with most major insurances and offer cash or credit payment plans.