Having been a client at several other outpatient treatment centers in the Seattle area, I would say that Alternatives provides extremely personal, sincere and consistent support for every person in every group. . .It seems many people, like myself, choose to stay at Alternatives longer than any legal or medical requirement.
For me, this is because Alternatives has proved to be a valuable and enjoyable piece of my recovery program. Consistency in counseling staff and also group members has provided an atmosphere of trust and stability for me that I have not found at other places. ~ Jean P

When I first came to Alternatives I was lost in a jungle, dense with denial…with no compass or map. …
To this day, Alternatives continues to be an immensely important factor in my living a healthy, creative life culminating in continuous growth in my search for self-discovery. At last, the journey is now an exciting adventure. ~ John R

y attorney recommended Alternatives for the treatment portion of my Deferred Prosecution. I was very pleased that I chose to be here. They take my recovery very seriously, and handle all contact with the court efficiently. When I first got here, I was quite apprehensive about what the process was going to mean for me….It has been both easier and more meaningful than I thought. ~ Thor S

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s sobriety is a journey, a voyage if you will, Alternatives has been the steady, stable and safe ship in which to navigate recovery. The captain and crew of the Ship Alternatives, all very talented and humane, are the same crew that was there when I first embarked on my saga of recovery, over 4 years ago, a fearful “shaking leaf”, reeling from a 35-year drinking career….Alternatives was and is a major factor in the simple fact that I live and breathe today…I am ever so grateful. ~ Laurie R

fter my DUI when I found out I had to go to treatment…., I was pretty angry. I didn’t want to stop drinking and didn’t think that I had a problem. I’m glad to have chosen Alternatives because my life has totally changed. I’ve learned things about myself I had never thought about before… I feel I have a new opportunity to make my life whatever I want. ~ Mark M

From the first day I visited Alternatives for my intake interview, I felt like I was more than just another client. My counselor really listened to me, and didn’t make me feel like I was damaged or broken – just a sick person needing to get better…I have been sober and active in recovery for more than 10 years now…I will forever be grateful to Alternatives for being that first step in my recovery from alcohol into a healthier life I never knew existed. ~ Linda S