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At Alternatives, we believe that each person's path to recovery may look slightly different--which is why we provide a variety of programs that can be blended to best serve your needs.  Please click on the services highlighted below to find out what programs will best meet your individual needs.

Alcohol/Drug Evaluations

We believe that an assessment is not an interrogation, but an opportunity for people to sit down with a professional and look honestly at their relationship to alcohol and drugs.

Because our goal is to help those experiencing problems with alcohol or drugs, we strive to make each evaluation fair and comprehensive. A session lasts 2 hours, during which time clients have a chance to explore their past and present substance use and consider any related consequences.

Intensive Outpatient Program

Phase 1: 36 group sessions three times a week, on Tues, Wed and Thurs evenings from 6-8 p.m., for a total of 72 hours in 12 weeks.

Phase 2: 26 group sessions for 1 ½ hour a week, available on several nights of the week, for 6 months.

Intensive Outpatient treatment was developed in the early 80’s as an option for those who are in need of treatment for substance use disorders, but who do not need a rigorous in-patient program. It provides an opportunity for group members to receive education that directly involves them in an experiential learning process. People will benefit from group therapy with others who are all struggling with a variety of problems related to alcohol/drug use.

Our groups never exceed 12 members, and people benefit from the fact that our primary counselors have 20 or more years of experience as Chemical Dependency Professionals. The supportive atmosphere they create provides the foundation for clients to look honestly at their substance use and develop the skills and strategies necessary to create and maintain a recovery process.

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Relapse Prevention Program

Minimum 6 months, 26 weekly sessions on Tues from 7-9 p.m.

We believe our Relapse Prevention Program is unique in its structure and philosophy. It is exclusively targeted for those who have had recurrent treatment experiences and periods of sobriety, yet have found it difficult to achieve and maintain on-going recovery. The group is comprised of individuals who recognize they have a life-threatening disease, and are strongly committed to taking whatever measures necessary to arrest the progression of their alcohol/drug addiction.

For others with a less-extensive relapse history, who are looking nevertheless for a program to further their understanding of relapse and hone their prevention skills, we provide Phase 2 groups with an emphasis on relapse prevention.

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Individual Counseling

By appointment

Individual counseling offers an opportunity for clients to obtain more focused help specifically oriented toward particular problems or issues that affect their treatment. Several sessions are included as a standard part of IOP treatment. In addition, Christy Caldwell as a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker provides more extensive individual therapy for those who are interested in further understanding and addressing underlying issues that diminish a person’s quality of life.

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Couples/Family Counseling

By appointment / Group educational session for family and clients every Wednesday from 6:00-8:00pm

Almost inevitably, a client’s problem with substances spills over onto family members, creating confusion, anger and disruption. We provide counseling sessions that include family members who are interested in receiving education about chemical dependency, as well as processing issues that stem from being in close relationship with an alcoholic/ addict. Additionally, family and friends are invited at no charge to join an evening of community education each Wednesday that focuses on helpful themes, ranging from understanding addiction to developing tools for making healthy changes in family systems.

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Programs for Court-Involved Clients

There are those who seek alcohol/drug treatment due to an encounter with a legal problem related to their substance use. We provide timely assistance and support to navigate through the complexities of the court system, whether a person's offense is in Washington or another state. We work with attorneys to provide initial evaluations and reports as required by the court, as well as maintaining ongoing communication that meet the needs of our clients. Our goal for all those we help is that they address their alcohol/drug use and regain control over their lives.

Deferred Prosecution Program

Phase 1 and 2 of IOP, as detailed above.

Phase 3, monthly monitoring, 1.25 hour group, for 16 session.

The Deferred Prosecution program was established in Washington in 1975 as an option for those who have a diagnosis of chemical dependence and who have received a DUI or Physical Control charge. It is a one-time opportunity for clients who acknowledge they have a problem with alcohol or drugs to receive rehabilitation as an alternative to extensive punishment. It is a 2-year program whose parameters are delineated by law in Washington State. We take seriously our responsibility to provide excellent treatment for those who have entered into a Deferred Prosecution agreement with the court. As it is not our place or intention to provide legal advice here, we encourage people to contact an attorney for more detailed information.

1-2 Year Intensive Outpatient Program

Phase 1 and 2 of Intensive Outpatient Program, as detailed above.

Phase 3, monthly monitoring, 1 ¼ hour, until completion of the required time.

For those who choose not to utilize the Deferred Prosecution option, or those who are required to attend treatment for chemical dependency after receiving another alcohol or drug-related legal charge, we offer an Intensive Outpatient Program of varying lengths based on recommendation. This treatment protocol consists of an Intensive Outpatient Program followed by a monthly monitoring phase for the remainder of the required time frame.

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