Our Clinical Staff

At Alternatives, we value staff that are competent, flexible, compassionate, and willing to do whatever is needed to facilitate the goal of providing quality outpatient care to clients.

Joe Wolfe, CDP
Administrative Director & Counselor

Building on 30+ years of experience as a certified Chemical Dependency Professional, Joe Wolfe brings good humor, passion, and directness to his work with individuals and families influenced by substance use disorders. He is skilled at creating individual and group counseling experiences that are engaging and transformative for his clients.

Joe's accomplishments in the drug and alcohol counseling field include being awarded Counselor of the Year for the State of Washington; designing and implementing family treatment programs; and building some of the most successful treatment programs in the Pacific Northwest. He has a wide ranging background in treating individuals with substance use challenges, mental health issues, problems with anger management, Adult Children of Alcoholics issues and codependency. Currently, as Administrative Director and a counselor, Joe facilitates and leads outreach for Alternatives, Phase I groups, evaluations, and the family program.

Joe says, "Alternatives' location allows us to work with clients whose diversity, intelligence and unique histories lend to a wonderful group and individual treatment experience. My passion has always been providing group therapy. I enjoy being part of a process by which a client goes from the discomfort of their dependency to the understanding and hope that recovery allows." He looks forward to the opportunity to support you in your journey towards recovery.

Christy Caldwell, LICSW, CDP
Treatment Director

Christy graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of Washington in 1980 and a Masters Degree in Social Work with a Minor in Chemical Dependency Studies at Rutgers University in New Jersey in 1994.

She became certified as a chemical dependency counselor in 1996 in Washington State. She spent six years working with the youth population in South Pierce County as a Student Assistance Professional and Intensive Outpatient Treatment Counselor, then joined the team at Alternatives in 2001. Currently, she facilitates Phase II groups and runs the Relapse Prevention Program, as well as being the Treatment Director.

Christy's passion is to help those with alcohol/drug problems gain understanding, then use that insight to take action and make changes in their lives. She says, "The greatest joy in my job is to see light bulbs go off for people, and then be involved with them in the process of creating a lifestyle that works better than what they were experiencing before. As people get sober, they begin to utilize their own strengths and new skills, which enables them to move in new directions. It is exciting to see so many people change so dramatically in a 1- or 2-year period."

Over the years, Christy has developed a particular interest in working individually on underlaying issues with clients who are in alcohol/drug treatment. She became licensed as an Independent Clinical Social Worker in 2010, which allows her to provide more in-depth therapy for those who are struggling with issues such as depression, anxiety, loss, and life transitions.