80 Runners. 6 races. Mayhem!

Join us in Seattle for the Seattle Adventure Running Tournament! Registration will be first-come, first-served. All running speeds and all experience levels are welcome!

Seattle You'll be racing in five different venues near and around Seattle! Saturday's venues will be near North Seattle College in Seattle and Hamlin Park in Shoreline, which is just north of the Seattle city limits. Sunday's venues will be within Shoreview Park and Shoreline Community College, also in Shoreline.

Adventure Unlike your standard road or trail run, there's no marked path to follow. We'll give you a detailed map of each area, with a series of checkpoints to visit. It's up to you to choose your own adventure!

Running You'll get to run in six short and intense races. Each will be in the 1-2 mile range, for a total of about 11-12 miles. This event is open to all running speeds, because a smarter runner may outwit a faster one!

Tournament A twist on the standard race! After a quick time trial race, we'll organize everyone into a giant 80-person, 5-round, tournament. You'll be running in heats of five, head-to-head against four other competitors. If you perform well enough in each round, you'll advance to face tougher competition until a winner is crowned! 

(All participants will be able to run all rounds of the tournament. Even if you're eliminated from winning the championship, you won't be eliminated from the fun and thrill of the tournament.)