Specialist Bicycle Seatpost Removal by The Seatpost Man

My business specialises in professionally removing tight or seized seatposts from bicycle frames using a totally unique method which will withdraw the post (intact if possible) in a safe and frame friendly way. This method of removal is only available from The Seatpost Man in Chorley, Lancashire, UK.  To date (September 2017) the running total is 600 + consecutive successful removals with 100% customer satisfaction. 


     A stuck or seized bicycle seatpost can mean anything from a nuisance to a new frame or even a complete new bike. With more varied frame/seatpost combinations being available in differing materials the problem of a stuck post in a bicycle frame is not uncommon. This can occur for several factors, the most common being corrosion/oxidisation  between the seatpost and the internal wall of the frame which can happen in as little as a few months. This kind of seizure can be almost total. Another could be poor tolerances between these two components which is especially true when parts are used from different manufacturers.   
          Most DIY removal methods involve twisting the post out using brute force, painfully laborious sawing techniques, heat or the use of strong chemical solutions ( I use none of the above!)  While sometimes these approaches may be successful there is a real risk of frame damage or even bodily harm if these methods go awry. Also all  of the above will damage the seatpost beyond use in most cases.
 Our Approach 
          Over twenty years ago a friend asked me to attempt to remove a seized seat post from an old BMX frame. My method was successful and was my inspiration when more recently another friend asked me the same thing. As this seatpost was in great condition I designed and fabricated a tool to remove it, with little or no marking, to allow it to be reused and have since used this method to great effect on more customers bikes. I have now increased my tooling and can remove damaged or fully seized seatposts from most frames.