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                             Jack & Cindy Shick. 




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  Balls Pyramid, an iconic rock stack rising 580m out of the water, 23km from Lord Howe Island. This is not just a boat ride, with Jack Shick & Ian Hutton on board there is nothing missed. From Birds, Fish, Geology and Local History your journey will be filled with a wealth of information. Balls Pyramid is the tallest Monolith out of the water in the World. Take the trip down on''Noctiluca'' and gaze in awe at this fantastic piece of nature. Naturalist Ian Hutton is on board to answer all your queries as we travel. Along the way we stop and observe rare sea birds like the Kermidec Petrel, White Bellied Storm Petrel and at the right time of year you may be lucky enough to see an Albatross. Bottle nosed dolphins are seen on most trips.On the way home we go around the Island and visit it's many nooks and crannies.  This trip is hugely popular with sightsee-ers, photographers and bird watchers.We are the most experienced operators on Lord Howe. Not only the best on Lord Howe, our tours are very competitively priced. Advanced bookings recommended. Contact  Jack  or Cindy anytime by phone or email.




                    Noctiluca a fast way to travel. 




                            Viewing Balls Pyramid                             




              An Oceanic Bottlenosed dolphin leads the way                                                                                                 

                   A Kermidec Petrel wheels overhead



                             Light Phased Kermidec 




                               Run HARD.............  



                  Bottlenosed Dolphen in very clear water.






         Wandering Albatross........the largest sea bird to visit

                     White bellied Storm Petrel.....this is the only

place in Australia where they breed.They are not much bigger than a Love Bird








 The two pictures could be the only record of a White- Chinned

 Petrel on Lord Howe.







Providence petrel in a hurry.....