Adoption of the New Community Plan will include changes to zoning and land use plan designations and the establishment of the Southeast Los Angeles Community Plan Implementation Overlay (CPIO). The proposed zones changes would serve to set the underlying parameters for development regarding height of structures, setbacks, density and intensity, open space, use of land, and parking.
Land Use and Zoning: The SELA CPIO will additionally tailor these development standards in order to enhance the unique character of neighborhoods. The CPIO will include design standards that encourage attractive and well-designed projects along commercial corridors and will also promote a greater diversity of retail and services that provide access to healthy foods. The development standards will further regulate industrial districts to preserve the area’s economic/job base while protecting adjacent residential uses. 

CPIO: The CPIO will encourage sustainable, mixed-use development and provide incentives for desired uses while accomodating growth at targeted locations. Areas of focused implementation include selected commercial and industrial corridors as well transit corridors and station areas of Metro's Exposition, Green and Blue Light Rail Transit Lines.

See the CHANGE AREAS  for detailed
and up-to-date information about proposed land use changes, 
zone changes and the draft Southeast Los Angeles CPIO.

Citywide Design Guidelines
The Citywide Design Guidelines serve to implement the 10 Urban Design Principles, a part of the City's Framework Element. These principles are a statement of the City’s vision for the future of Los Angeles, providing guidance for new development and encouraging projects to complement existing neighborhood form and character while promoting design excellence and creative infill development solutions in order to enhance the built environment in Los Angeles.
Citywide Design Guidelines