Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) & Transportation Improvement and Mitigation Program (TIMP) 

South and Southeast Los Angeles Combined Environmental Impact Report (EIR):

         Executive Summary of DEIR - now available

Notice of Availability of Final EIR - now available
Notice of Availability of Draft EIR - now available

An Environmental Impact Report (EIR) has been prepared to comprehensively analyze the proposed land use changes recommended through the Southeast Los Angeles New Community Plan. The Draft EIR is provided to the community for review and comment prior to the adoption of the new plan.

The purposes of the Draft Program EIR are:

  1. Satisfy the requirements of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), and
  2. Inform the general public, the local community, responsible and interested public agencies of the nature of the Southeast Los Angeles New Community Plan, its possible environmental effects, possible measures to mitigate those effects, and alternatives to the proposed project.

Notice of EIR Scoping Meetings

The Transportation Improvement and Mitigation Program (TIMP) for the Southeast Los Angeles New Community Plan will identify transportation program recommendations to accommodate land use patterns/densities and population and employment growth anticipated under the NCP, and the resultant increase in vehicle trips projected by the year 2035.