11/22/2017: City Council voted to adopt the Southeast Los Angeles Community Plan!    
Congratulations, and thank you, to everyone who has contributed to this process.

Council has instructed the City Attorney to review the proposed Community Plan Implementation Ordinance (CPIO), which will return to City Council for adoption at a later date.  Stay tuned.
By emphasizing its rich cultural and architectural history and its diverse 
and empowered population, the Southeast Los Angeles Community Plan 
encourages responsible development that enhances the quality of life for 
residents, creates healthy and sustainable neighborhoods and promotes 
business development that serves the needs of the community
[Vision Statement, Southeast Los Angeles Community Plan Advisory Committee]

                                                                                                                                                      Read in Spanish / Leer en Español

Welcome to the Southeast Los Angeles New Community Plan!

The Los Angeles Department of City Planning has partnered with the community to update the Southeast Los Angeles (SELA) Community Plan, as part of the department's New Community Plan Program. The New Community Plan will shape the future of your community for the next 20 years, guiding future growth, protecting neighborhood character, creating new economic opportunity, and enhancing the quality of life in this area. The Plan will include goals, policies and programs, as well as a Community Plan Implementation Overlay (CPIO) tool, to achieve the community's vision. 

The top community issues addressed in the new Plan were identified through an extensive community outreach process and our Community Plan Advisory Committee (CPAC). 
  • Revitalization of the commercial corridors
  • Transit corridor and station area plans
  • Industrial-residential land use conflicts
  • Mixed-income and affordable housing
  • Proliferation of certain uses along the corridors
  • Incentives for desired uses
  • Protecting stable residential neighborhoods
> View the proposed land use designation and zone changes as of June 2017 on this interactive map: CHANGE AREAS.
> View the interactive CPIO MAP.

Visit the VIRTUAL OPEN HOUSE to learn all about the proposed changes to the South and Southeast Los Angeles Community Plans as presented at the December 2016 Open House-Public Hearings.


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