Draft Vision Statement:

"By emphasizing its rich cultural and architectural history and its diverse and empowered population, the Southeast Los Angeles Community encourages responsible development that enhances the quality of life for residents, creates healthy and sustainable neighborhoods and promotes business development that serves the needs of the community."

Welcome to the Southeast Los Angeles New Community Plan!

Status Update:  DCP staff is finishing work on the South and Southeast Los Angeles Combined Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR), and we anticipate releasing the Draft in late October.  

The Los Angeles Department of City Planning has partnered with the community to update the Southeast Los Angeles (SELA) Community Plan, as part of the department's New Community Plan Program. The New Community Plan will shape the future of your community for the next 20 years, guiding future growth, protecting neighborhood character, creating new economic opportunity, and enhancing the quality of life in this area. The Plan will include goals, policies and programs, as well as the implementation tool to achieve the community's vision.

The top community issues addressed in the new Plan were identified through an extensive community outreach process and our Community Plan Advisory Committee (CPAC).
  • Revitalization of the commercial corridors
  • Industrial-residential land use conflicts
  • Mixed-income and affordable housing
  • Proliferation of certain uses along the corridors
  • Incentives for desired uses
  • Protecting stable residential neighborhoods throughout the community
  • Transit corridor and station area plans
Please note that due to litigation issues related to the Hollywood Community Plan, the update process for the Southeast LA Community Plan is experiencing delays.      

Contributors: South LA Team: Marie Cobian, Arthi Varma, Melissa Alofaituli, Craig Weber, Brock Hicks
Voices: Lulu - Haydee Urita-Lopez, Derby - Brock Hicks, Graphic Designer: Ioana Ciurariu

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