The protection of natural and cultural heritage of Europe


The natural and cultural heritage of a people is the memory of its living tradition and strengthens the foundations on which the society builds its future.
At international level the UNESCO has launched a series of initiatives to identify, protect and preserve cultural and natural heritage around the world, through the "Convention for the Protection of World Cultural Heritage and Nature ". Today, 176 States have ratified the Convention, which has become one of the most shared and relied on the occasion of the risks and dangers of the destruction of our heritage but also an instrument of great success, for the incessant demand for inclusion in the list of sites and areas of outstanding value for humanity. The school, as a place of training and education of
new European citizens, promotes a series of activities aimed to build student's capacities  and focused on the sustainable development in the future. This page is designed to stimulate greater reflection on these issues and through knowledge of some protected areas in different countries partners and through an exchange of experiences that are made in the various schools partners .


The nature reserve of Monticchio

The two lakes Monticchio occupy the double of the central volcanic crater of the Vulture: the Great Lake (0.4 square kilometers) and Lake Piccolo (0.1 square kilometers), separated by a wide strip of land just over 200 meters. The vegetation consists of a low share of beech wood, located just 650 m above sea level, the origin of which is attributable to the very special microclimate conditions that are creating in this area.
Rarity only typical habitats of this is the amazing butterflies, discovered by researcher Frederick Harting South Tyrol in 1963, called "Acanto brahmea-European or European Bramea." It is a night butterfly, a wingspan of seven centimeters, which has a limited period of shimmy at crepuscolari between the end of winter and the beginning of spring.
Reflected in the waters of Lake small, appears among the trees of the forest, the Abbey of San Michele, whose origins are ancient. It was built on a cave dug into the tufa, near which were found votive deposits dating back to IV-III century. BC. The Cave dell'Angelo dedicated to Saint Michael was the place where they gathered to pray the Italian-Greek monks who once lived in the area. Later it settled the Benedictine monks, who were building the abbey, abandoning later in 1456. After many vicissitudes passed to the Capuchin friars, who built a library and a woolen mill. The whole abbey consists of a multi-storey convent, from a church eighteenth and chapel of San Michele.

School experiences

The development of an awareness and respect of our cultural and natural heritage is very important in the Primary school of Rionero in Vulture. There are various experiences that are promoted in this regard. Indeed ..

The area with its many opportunities represents

for us an important source of knowledge and experience,a"decentralized classroom teaching "

We learn a lot from the experience of old people

In the educational farms we  make important experiencesabout nature and culture

Natural resources, like water and sunshine, are for us elements that must be used in an appropriate and functional way. They are the subject of our studies  and experiments.

We are very sensitive to issues of environmental pollution and,in addition to various activities, publish stories to stimulate people to safeguard the integrity of our natural environment.

The presence of the Parco del Vulture allows us to make important discoveries about the nature.

Our school is part of the "Workshop on Sustainable Development", a permanent working group formed by schools, institutions and associations to promote the sustainable development of our territory

because we believe that it is starting with our little that we can make our contribution to the development of a sustainable society, as the famous saying "act local, think global " and we believe deeply that between man and nature there can be harmony, according to the famous phrase of Edgar Morin "We need to inscribe in us an ecological conscience. The know our connection consubstantial with the biosphere leads us to abandon the dream Promethean of domain of the universe for found on the contrary, the aspiration to conviviality on Earth"

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