Europe is mine, Europe is yours, Europe is ours


The project “ Europe is mine, Europe is yours, Europe is ours” involves pupils and teachers in tasks that are aimed to build a common european citizenship comparing with European partners similarities and differences taking place in different europeans environments, linked to succession of four seasons, with reference to the local traditions, foods, clothing and legends,  to get to know, love and respect our common natural and cultural heritage and make our contribution to the development of a more sustainable society in Europe. 

 Aims: Know more about the country of our partner school comparing the similarities and differences between their own country and other EU countries in the four seasons: landscapes,  traditions , clothings, foods, legends. Knowing and enhance our common natural and cultural heritage. Improving the use of tools as a means of communication, creativity and innovation. Improving own skills in English as a medium of international communication. Increase the motivation of boys in learning. Promoting dialogue multicultural. Facilitate the exchange of experience teaching among teachers . 

 Founder schools: Scuola Primaria Statale Rionero in Vulture (Italy); School Apoldu de Jos (Romania) .

Partner schools: "Liviu Rebreanu" School,Mioveni town, Arges county, Romania (Romania)  CEIP LES AIGÜES (Spain) CEIP San Francisco Xabier (Spain) Ecole élémentaire Paul Bert (France) Istituto comprensivo “MARIA GRAZIA CUTULI" (Italy) Kőrösi Csoma Sándor Általános Iskola (Hungary) Nantymoel Primary School (United Kingdom) Panayot Volov School - Kaspichan (Bulgaria) Rīgas Zolitūdes ģimnāzija (Latvia)   Szkoła Podstawowa nr 15 (Poland) Szkoła Podstawowa w Podzamczu (Poland) Sērmūkšu pamatskola (Latvia)