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Emmaus Library Series


Everyone knows what a library is -- a place where books are housed and made available to the public. The Emmaus Library Series is not a place, nor is it a series of such places. The Emmaus Library Series is a set of books (currently ten in number) that describes different aspects of Emmaus.

These books, each about 40 pages in length, provide helpful information to assist and guide you in your fourth-day Emmaus activities. Each book costs $3.00 and may be purchased from our Treasurer at Gatherings.

WHAT IS EMMAUS?: Are you interested in talking to others about Emmaus? This book can be an asset in preparing you and the book can be given to people to prepare them to talk with you.

THE GROUP REUNION: Does your reunion group need a boost? Try reviewing this book . It might be helpful if each member of your group read the book and then used the book to guide some discussion about your group.

COMING DOWN FROM THE MOUNTAIN: You are looking for some insights about getting more active in your church but not sure how to approach this. Get a copy of this book and glean the text for interesting jewels of help.

WALKING SIDE BY SIDE: Having difficulty finding just the right devotional material. Try this booklet.

Now available for only $2.00 while they last.

THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS: You have been asked to be a nominee for the board. You have lots of questions about what a board does and what board members do. This book would be a good source to resolve some or all of your questions.

SPONSORSHIP: Your Emmaus Walk was a wonderful experience and you want to offer others the opportunity to share this time of spiritual formation. This book will help you understand the extent of your commitment and responsibilities for sponsoring someone.

THE EARLY HISTORY OF EMMAUS: People are asking you how and when Emmaus got started. To learn more this book is a wealth of information about when, where, why, and how.

SPIRITUAL GROWN THROUGH TEAM EXPERIENCE: You have been invited to serve on the conference room team and you are not quite sure what this role would include. This book will provide insights about this opportunity.

MUSIC DIRECTORS: You have musical abilities but you're not sure what would be involved in serving as a musician on a team. Read this book to gain insights into what the roles and responsibilities of music leaders would be.

SPIRITUAL DIRECTORS: When you took your walk, there were clergy involved. What are the clergy responsibilities? This book Spiritual Directors is a good source of information.