UPDATE!! - The Plane has been found!

January 11, 2014

You can view the final search team report on the Search Team Reports page. It contains details of the search efforts this week, including finding of the airplane.

On January 10, 2014, Janis writes: 
They found the plane! Thank you to all the Tomnod searchers who found images that were right on. Dellon and his crew spent the entire day, from 3am onward trying to find the right location. The snow was very deep and the going was very slow. Less than two hours before they needed to wrap up the search for the foreseeable future, Dellon and Arthur found the plane. I am so grateful that Dellon was the one who found his brother. The plane is in pieces and buried in snow. They have not yet found all the parts. However, we do know my family members on the plane died quickly and painlessly. They did not suffer.

The search is now ended.  Thank you very much to all who helped in any capacity. As I write this the news of finding the plane is very fresh.   I do not have details at this time about the location or the sequence of events leading to the find.  Although the outcome is sad, the effort by literally thousands of people who volunteered time, energy and their talents to this search, for people they did not know, is truly inspiring.  There are many, many stories of sacrifice, diligence and generosity throughout this unfortunate event.  Words cannot express the gratitude felt by the family and those close to them for the assistance and love offered.

Original Information

This site is for people interested in helping search for Dale Smith and his family. Their plane went missing over Idaho on December 1, 2013.

We plan to collect, on this site, as much information about the search as possible.

If you have any information about the search that is not here (or linked to from here), please send it to us at finddalesmith@gmail.com

Please see the How to Help page if you would like to assist with the search.

This site is still under development, so it may change rapidly as we add material.

If you are actively involved in the search, and want to use this site for coordination or information, please let me know any information you would like, and we'll try to add it to the site.

Renewed Search Effort - Jan 8-10

Dellon Smith, the brother of Dale Smith, is organizing a 3 day search January 8-10th. He is a pilot himself and was at the Johnson Creek Airstrip a few weeks ago running the search effort. For this 3 day search he is hoping to have some volunteer pilots. He would like to have 4 helicopters and 4 airplanes. He is working on getting a fuel truck up there in order to maximize your time in the air. Additionally he is hoping to have 20 well prepared and well equipped search and rescue personnel to help with the effort on the ground.  We will have housing available for about 20 people as well as a warming station at the airstrip. Please call Dellon and leave a message if you are able to help out with this effort. 907-360-7854

Thanks for support

The family and friends of the missing persons, and the search personnel want to express their heartfelt gratitude to the community in Cascade and Yellow Pine for their generosity - especially to the owners of the lodge in Yellow Pine and the cafe in Yellow Pine, and to the members of the Cascade branch of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
  • Janet Williams Amid all the other updates, I failed to mention that the local communities near the search has been wonderfully supportive. Blake said the cafe in Yellow Pine is feeding them meals free, someone opened their lodge in Yellow Pine to them to sleep in real beds for free, and the LDS Church members bring meals to them in Cascade. I don't know if I'll ever meet any of these Good Samaritans but I am infinitely grateful to them!

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