About me

My name is Julio Gonzalez Rodriguez. I currently live on Curacao. I work as a consultant.

Why I created "Search in Curacao" Google Custom Search.

I spend a lot of time searching for information, specifically on Google.Unfortunately, searching on any search engine suffers from some problems:

- it doesn't easily allow the user to limit searches to a specific subject domain. An example: if I'm looking for Curacao related things, and I google for the term "Library", I'd like to have only Curacao relevant results. I don´t want to have to type the word "Curacao" and then my search term all the time in order to filter.

- the definition of relevance by Google might be different in certain cases. So I'd like to give more weight to certain websites when searching on Curacao (like the news and goverment sites).

Then I noticed that the Google Custom Search addresses all this issues.

If you have a site to recommend for inclusion to the engine, you can contact me at julio361.spaces.live.com