3.1 Search by title and show files in New Folder

3.1 Search and show files to New Folder

Additional function for search results on Google Drive

Search files by Title

Creates new Folder on Google drive,

folder name consist query words e.g. β˜† Full Text contains "invoice "

show files in new folder without copying

Google Drive has a function to create many Folders for one file. it looks like, shortcut in another folder, but In reality, folders are connected to only one file . if you delete any folder with file, you delete file everywhere, because file is one, and it is not represented by an independent shortcut. linked Folder does not have size.

This function allows user to search files by Title and show them automatically in New folder without copying.

Here’s how to do it manually

Select the file you want to copy. For multiple files, hold the Ctrl key in Windows or the Command key in Mac OS while selecting each one.

With the file(s) selected, press Shift-Z.

In the Drive window that pops up, select My Drive. This will bring up a list of all the folders and files stored in your Drive account.

Scroll to the folder in which you want to place the document, select it, click Add here. To create a new folder, press the icon of a folder with a plus sign. Then select it, and press Add here.

Repeat these steps to copy the file to each additional folder.