Avenues for Faculty in SEA Region to develop Educational Leadership Skills for their Home Institutions

FAIMER INSTITUTE, Philadelphia USA (October 2007) The FAIMER Institute is a two-year part-time fellowship program designed for international health professions educators who have the potential to play a key role in improving health professions education at their schools.

The FAIMER South Asia Regional Institutes: Three Regional Institutes patterned on the FAIMER Institute in Philadelphia are located in India to bring the benefits of the Institute closer to the Medical School Faculty. International and local faculty who have undergone the FAIMER Institute experience and training facilitate the learning of those who participate in the program.

CMCL-FAIMER South Asia Regional Institute, Ludhiana, India ( Jan 2007)

PSG-FAIMER South Asia Regional Institute, Coimbatore, India (April 2007)

GSMC-FAIMER South Asia Regional Institute, Mumbai, India (June 2007)


NTTC JIPMER: This National Teacher Training Center is functioning at JIPMER in Puducherry (Pondicherry) in South India and conducts Training programs for Teachers of Medical Colleges in India.


MASTERS PROGRAM IN MEDICAL EDUCATION conducted by the Faculty of Medicine, Gadjah Mada University Jogjakarta , INDONESIA