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The Short: WebcamMax is the best, fully-featured software for adding effects to live streaming and Instant Messaging available.

What You can do with it:

  • Add hundreds of different effects on top of your picture.
  • Replace your background with different pictures including your own.
  • Add text into a video.
  • Pick your whole screen, a section, a window or even follow your mouse. Perfect if someone needs help.
  • Put a picture inside your picture. If you have 2 webcams, show them both at the same time. If you have a film you want to show, a picture or even a solid colour.
  • Add a clock to your broadcast.
  • Get effects to follow your face. (add glasses, hats etc)
  • Draw on your picture.
  • Pinch and swirl your face.

How I found WebcamMax:

I wanted to broadcast a show on The first few broadcasts were not special. I searched for something that would make my broadcast that bit more special, without breaking the bank. There are many virtual webcam's out there that can do "stuff", none of them do "amazing stuff". So I continued my search... There must be something great out there! Just as I was about to give up I was was recommended to WebcamMax. Even When it was just the tester version, I knew that it was the correct software for me! Its interface was clean and ultra simple to use, tones of features availble to use including clocks, text, backgrounds, pictures etc etc. How I ever broadcast without it!


Why I li ke it:

WebcamMax is extreamly easy to use. Loads and loads of effects. Compatible with many programmes inclusing icq, ustream, youtube, SKYPE, Aim MSN, Yahoo messenger and many many more! - Basicly anything that supports a webcam!


Why should you like it?:

If you like webcasting, talking to people online, posting video's onto youtube etc etc, you will love it! It is never going to break the bank! Its so easy to use my budgie could do it!

Profesional, simple and in-expencive there is no reason not to LOVE it!


So, If you want this absolutly amazing piece of software that will have you wondering how you lived without it's face recignition, clocks, backgrounds, text, picture-in-picture's, you can buy and download it from their website:

If your unsure you can download the still amazing free trial! It lets you add text, put picture-in-picture, add effects, broadcast, etc etc.. Its also avai. from

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