Have you ever felt overwhelmed by all the information you have to provide when you visit a doctor or clinic for the first time, or go in for a medical test or procedure? Do you wish you could have all this information at your fingertips? Now there's a solution: A customized Home Health Organizer (HHO).

An HHO helps you keep track of a variety of medical information -- such as doctor appointments, medications, blood sugar and oxygen levels, and all tests and medical procedures -- along with the names, addresses, and phone numbers of your past and present doctors. 

Your custom HHO includes:

1. An outer binder

2. Dividers with pockets to separate each of the individual forms, and to provide a space to hold any medical papers that your doctor gives you.

3. A monthly calendar to keep track of your day-to-day information for each month of the year. On the back of each sheet is an appointment calendar to keep track of your doctor and other medical appointments.

4. A blank information sheet where you can write in your doctor's information, any allergies or medical conditions, and any medication that you are currently taking per prescribing doctor. 

5. A variety of other forms, based on your specific needs and medical conditions. These forms are available in hard copy or on a CD that produces digital copies. 

To learn more about the customized HHO, contact us at smd62071@aol.com or dsean2006a@gmail.com. If you know others who could use the HHO, please forward this web site to them. We service clients anywhere in the U.S. 


Sean Davis