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Grail Quest

What is Grail Quest?
Grail Quest is an adventure role playing game set in the medieval times where the player searches the lands in an ultimate quest to find the holy grail. 
The player can kill enemies for experience and gold to buy items that will assist them in their quest.  In the end, the player must prove their experience by defeating a dragon guarding the holy grail.

This game began as a project for a grade 12 computer science course, and grew into a personal project after I completed the course.  Every so often I think of possible ways to improve the game to make it better and better.  My next step for Grail Quest is to recode it in Java; it is currently written in a basic beginners' language called 'Turing' created by Holtsoft.  Special thanks to my computer science teacher Mrs. Beer, as well as Andy Heller, David McNiven, and Adam Eaton for their assistance in debugging, and problem solving.  Also, special thanks to Leo LeBlanc/'Sniperdude' and 'Coldkick' on Computer Science Canada, for some improvements made to the game's graphical appearance.

Updates and maintenance to the Turing code have stopped, however, the game is currently being rebuilt from scratch in the C++ programming language with much help and initiative from 'Coldkick'.  This will allow for better content (and more of it), better performance, new features, and more!

System Requirements
-ROM: at least 140MB
-Min. screen resolution of 1024x768 (playing screen is 800x665), any screen resolution smaller than this will activate the vertical and horizontal scroll bars which can be irritating to have while playing.

Future Updates
The C++ version will be different from the Turing version in quite a few ways:
We plan to use different graphics, and possibly have the camera move to follow the character, allowing for larger areas without the need for scene changes.
There will also, of course, be new characters/creatures/monsters, locations, items, and features.
(Comment posted: June 4, 2014)

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