The Citadel Summer in London Program: 

May 9- June 8, 2019 

The Citadel Summer in London Program is a four-week program that offers a range of international cultural experiences and courses unavailable to students at their home institutions. Students from several other colleges and universities (including Duke University, Vanderbilt University, Tulane University, the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, the University of South Carolina, the University of Alabama, the College of Charleston, Rollins College, and Charleston Southern University) have participated in the program along with Citadel students. 

There are no military elements involved in the program. The program is just like a regular civilian college program, except a whole lot better because it's in London. Students take two courses and earn six credits in just four weeks while getting the opportunity to experience London, explore the rest of England, and travel to other European countries. Courses include Understanding Civilizations: Islam and the West (which can count as either a History course or a Political Science course); Major British Writers II: Romanticism to Present (a British literature survey course also known as ENGL 202, a required core course for Citadel students); and Literary Monsters in British Literature (which counts as an upper-level English course).
Over the past few years, students in the program have taken side trips to Paris, France; Rome, Italy; Venice, Italy; Amsterdam, the Netherlands; Madrid, Spain; Barcelona, Spain; Berlin, Germany; Munich, Germany; Edinburgh, Scotland; Glasgow, Scotland; and Dublin, Ireland.  Once you get to England, traveling around Europe is generally pretty cheap, because Europe has a few major low-cost airlines that are always having fare wars (which means cheap tickets for us), plus traveling by train is quick and easy. For instance, you can catch a train in the center of London, then step off that train about 2 and 1/2 hours later in the center of Paris. 

All courses take full advantage of England's cultural resources by including outside-the-classroom learning activities such as a guided tour of Parliament; a backstage tour of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre and a play at the Globe; a trip to see a Broadway-style show in London's West End theatre district; multiple London tours (including a literary London walking tour that goes along with our literature courses); tours of Muslim areas and Islamic cultural sites; trips to the Lake District of England, Stonehenge, and the ancient Roman ruins in the city of Bath, England; and free admission to major London museums.


Check out the 2018 program brochure . 


2018 Citadel Summer in London Program estimated budget for students:
  • Tuition/Housing (program cost): $7,645
  • Meals/entertainment/living expenses: approx. $900
  • Airfare: approx. $1,100 (depends on US airport and date ticket purchased)
  • Total: approx. $9,645 (assuming $1,100 airfare)
NOTE: The program cost includes tuition, housing, medical insurance, an unlimited London Tube/bus pass (which is a HUGE money-saver in addition to being extremely convenient), and a variety of field trips/co-curricular activities. 

Also check out the program's Facebook group page. (If for some reason that link doesn't work, search Facebook for Citadel Summer in London Program.) 

If you're interested in the Summer in London Program, e-mail the program coordinator, Dr. Sean Heuston ( sean.heuston [at] ), or contact him on Facebook  ( ) . He'll be glad to answer any questions you might have.

Here's the URL of the Citadel Study Abroad London Program page, which will let you start the application process once you click on the "Apply to this program" link at the very bottom of the page:


Student comments:

The Citadel Summer in London program was an incredibly enriching and enlightening experience. The program gave me valuable experiences with foreign cultures and also made me further appreciate America and everything it has to offer. The best part about the Summer in London Program was the fact that I was able to learn so much about the cultures surrounding me. I was also able to fully immerse myself in the British literature that I have been studying. I was finally able to put an image with all the things that I had been studying up to this point. Overall this trip broadened my horizons and taught me very valuable lessons I will apply in my career and my life after graduation. This program should be open to all students as it is a hands-on learning experience and a way for students to fully appreciate and learn about global issues most have only read about.

--Kortney Fink (at right in photo above at Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, London)


This program was a very rewarding experience.  I learned a great deal in London and in traveling to other European countries. One of the best parts about the Citadel Summer in London Program was being immersed in a new culture that enhanced our learning about the topics we were covering in our classes.  The program provided us with museum and historical tours, day trips to important cultural places around and outside London, and access to other events in London that correlated with our reading. The class schedule was set up very well so we could fit in these tours and day trips along with our academic work. In my opinion, this program is one of the best opportunities that The Citadel can offer to students.

--Tiffany Bennett (at left in photo above in front of one of London's famous red telephone booths)


My summer in London was a truly enjoyable experience.  Aside from studying under knowledgeable and personable professors, my companions and I were given beautiful lodging in one of the best areas in the heart of London.  The program was set up in a way that allowed us to fully experience London without having to face any true hindrance by our course load.  The classes were challenging, but made extremely enjoyable by the fact that the city itself was used as a teaching aid in many instances throughout our study.  Before I went to study abroad I was skeptical of the value of such programs, but since I have returned I have urged anyone who will listen to explore the possibility.  There is only so much one can gain from studying and living in one place. Often times you learn the most when you step outside of your comfort zone. 

--Jason Economou  (in photo at left in the British Museum)


Of all of my college experiences, The Citadel Summer in London Program was one of the most beneficial and enjoyable.   The program was able to effectively combine classroom lectures, field trips, and free time into weeks filled with fun and adventure.  The living arrangements in South Kensington were great, and it was nice to be in walking distance to class, the university, tube stations, museums, and cultural centers.  The field trips and tours were probably the best part, and some of my fondest memories occurred while traveling in Bath, Sandhurst, the Lake District, and the English countryside.  The tours around London were quite helpful and informative, and watching Shakespeare’s play Coriolanus at the Globe Theatre was like a jump back in time.  The locals are usually friendly and very willing to converse, laugh, or buy you a drink.  This program is very organized and professional, and the staff is welcoming and helpful.  The Summer in London is a worthwhile undertaking because the program offers so many extras and bonuses through its facilities, tours, and trips. 

--Maggie Dunning (in photo above in front of the famous fountains in Trafalgar Square, London)


I feel that the Citadel Summer in London Program was exactly what I was looking for.  It provided excellent living and learning conditions as well as cultural experiences that complemented the academic courses. These combined with the non-military environment created a learning opportunity that could not be found at The Citadel or any other American college campus. I was also able to travel to three other countries during my time abroad. While in England and elsewhere in Europe I visited many monuments and museums, which reinforced the English class I took and also taught me more about history and culture than I could have learned in any class. I had an excellent, valuable experience traveling, studying, and being introduced to multiple world cultures.

--Kevin Colson (holding sword in photo above outside the Colosseum in Rome, Italy)




There is so much to say about the program that it's hard to put all the great aspects of it in a short paragraph.  Living and studying in another country truly is an amazing experience that not enough students take advantage of.  With the Citadel's Summer in London Program, you're placed in the heart of London a few minutes walk away from free museums, you can take an International Business classes in Europe's biggest city, you can take a class on Islam and the West in the city with the biggest Muslim population in the western world, and you can expand your horizons to learn about all kinds of educational and career opportunities you'd never hear about on campus in Charleston.

--Brendyn Reinecke (at far left in photo above outside Wordsworth museum in the Lake District of England)




My study abroad experience in London was by far one of the greatest opportunities that I have ever had. Staying in one of the world's largest cities I not only got to see a majority of London’s major attractions, I got to experience English culture up-close. Located in one of London’s nicest districts, our housing was conveniently near many of London’s famous museums (which were all free, by the way) and was also right near London’s famous Hyde Park. The program also provided an excursion up to the Lake District in northern England, which was probably my favorite part of the trip because of its panoramic mountain ranges and countryside plus its major connections to our English literature class. Looking back on this experience, I know that I will have memories from this program for the rest of my life and think that anyone who is looking into the London study abroad will ultimately benefit from it and the opportunities it has to offer.

--Robert Sytz (fourth from right in photo above outside Wordsworth museum in the Lake District of England)


Living and studying in London was amazing.  I had the opportunity to get to know people from across the world including people from Australia, Ireland, Great Britain, Afghanistan, Turkey, Iran, and Syria, as well as other Americans studying abroad from Marymount, Elon, and Arizona State Universities. I learned more in the two classes I took (Major British Authors and Understanding Civilizations: Islam and the West) than I have ever learned before. If I had to put the entire trip into one word it would be too hard, so I will do three:  Amazing, Extreme, Lesson (a huge life lesson on how it is to not only live abroad, but what opportunities for learning and international career building are out there).

--Jade Roy (fourth from left in photo above outside Wordsworth museum in the Lake District of England)



  The Citadel Summer in London Program was a great experience in more ways than one.  We were in a very exclusive part of London (South Kensington) and were given very helpful information by our program directors.  The best times I had on my trip were going to different parts of London to various pubs and clubs and enjoying the time there with new and interesting people from different colleges.  It was also great to be able to travel around England and Europe to take in all the beautiful scenery and historic places that were offered.  I suggest trying to make a trip to Ireland because it is a beautiful country and the people are even nicer than the people in London.  It was an experience I will never forget and is a great way to get college credits over the summer.

--Colin Shropshire (in photo above at Stonehenge)


I feel that the Citadel Summer in London Program was an incredibly worthwhile experience.  In addition to the experience of actually living in one of the oldest and most historically significant major cities on the planet, one has the opportunity to learn from new professors from diverse backgrounds.  This provides students with a new perspective on aspects of the world that they have formerly only seen from the American view.  The program included many worthwhile trips for the group, including Stonehenge and Bath (the ruins of the ancient Roman city there).  The program also provided a great deal of information on living in London and traveling abroad, making side trips to Ireland and the Lake District of England very easy.  It was an incredibly worthwhile experience and I feel that any student, of any background, would benefit from such a program.   

 --J.D. Lathers (wearing black in photo at left in Bath, England) 


My experience this past summer in London was probably the most eye opening experience of my life.  It was like Big Ben was a fat kid at summer camp who did a cannonball into my pool of perspectives towards the world.  The ability to get up and just go to class with normal people without uniforms and formations and then hit up the pub for a pint right after or actually be allowed to go to sleep is worth twice as much as the trip cost.  Probably the most interesting thing about the course was that for the first time in my life I got to read literature and then get hands on experience and a real understanding of the literature's background instead of just reading it.  Because of this trip, when I see postcards and pictures of places like London, Big Ben, Stonehenge, the Globe Theatre, and so many other places and things they have a completely new meaning.   

--Brad Robinson (in photo at left on a mountaintop in the Lake District of England)


Missi Fredette, Cameron Bowman, Joey McCall, and Zach Eulo with "Big Red" Citadel flag at Stonehenge.

Bowman and Eulo with "Big Red" flag at Buckingham Palace.

Eiffel Tower, Paris. Cadets were in no way responsible for these explosions. 


Franklin McGuire looking intelligent and cultured in Brick Lane. 

Kathleen Coker, Emily Crosby, Stewart Gress, Katie Budge, and Franklin McGuire take part in Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee festivities.

Mark Maurice hiking in the Lake District.

Emily Crosby on the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland. 

Katie Budge and Emily Crosby overlooking Grasmere in the Lake District.


This is as close to formations, Saturday Morning Inspections, and other military elements as you'll get in The Citadel Summer in London Program. 


Michael Guare, Jay Mabry, Colin Shropshire, and Jason Economou strike manly poses after climbing the highest mountain in the Lake District of England.


Jason Economou, Michael Guare, Jay Mabry, Brad Robinson, Holly Maslowski, Maggie Dunning, J.D. Lathers, and Colin Shropshire enjoy the view in the Lake District.


    Up close and personal with the famous pigeons in London's Trafalgar Square.

          Maybe a little too personal: Jason Economou discovers that they're sort of aggressive when provoked.

                                           Golf? Sure! Cliff diving? Probably not. 

Brad Robinson, Michael Guare, Maggie Dunning, and Jason Economou manage to have fun despite a lack of uniforms, inspections, curfews, etc.

Everyone took a field trip to the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst (Britain's equivalent of West Point).

Sandhurst cadets stand at attention for inspection: The one who's grinning is Prince Harry. He's smiling because the woman who's walking through the ranks is his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II.

Westminster Abbey: Almost every King and Queen of England since the year 1066 was crowned here.

                          Oxford University: Rarely confused with The Citadel.

Paris: Just a two-and-a-half-hour train ride from London through a tunnel under the English Channel.

 Dublin, Ireland: Site of an optional field trip and guided tour by Dr. Heuston. Cheap airfares throughout Europe make it easy and affordable for The Citadel Summer in London Program students to travel outside England, and the fact that classes meet only Tuesday-Thursday means students will have time to explore London, the rest of England, and other European cities and countries. 

 On the other hand, if you want to relax and lounge around like you're royalty or something, you'll have time for that, too.


 Brendyn Reinecke, Cameron Woody, Roy Gray, Jade Roy, Megan Lininger, Rob Sytz, Ashley Thompson, Dr. Heuston, and Patrick Howell at Dove Cottage (part of the Wordsworth museum in the Lake District)


 Patrick Howell on a mountain high above the Lake District


Tower Bridge (often mistakenly called London Bridge)


 Admiralty Arch (at the other end of The Mall from Buckingham Palace)  


If you're interested in the Summer in London Program, e-mail the program coordinator, Dr. Sean Heuston ( sean.heuston [at] ), or contact him on Facebook   ( ) . He'll be glad to answer any questions you might have, and he can tell you how to register for the program