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Sean Griffin was born in Los Angeles where he currently lives and works. Animated by dense rhythmic structuring and improvisation, his performance compositions can be viewed as platforms for unique talents of instrumentalists and actors with whom he collaborates extensively. His compositions range from operas and musical works to rhythmic games and complex movement patterns.

Griffin’s interdisciplinary works emerge from challenging interpretations of historical archives from the American Avant-garde, science institutions and government collections such as the David Tudor Archive and the Eugenics Research Organization. Positioned at the intersection of sound, action, and performance, his musical and percussively theatrical works often feature torrents of facts mixed with pop fantasies about self-worth and class. He also has recorded and performed extensively as a pianist, harpist, conductor and arranger

Griffin is the Founding Director of Opera Povera, an international, interdisciplinary consortium that is devoted to the creation and performance of new operatic and interdisciplinary projects for which he received a grant from the Center for Cultural Innovation in 2010. Opera Povera has created new works at EMPAC, LACMA, REDCAT with Pauline Oliveros and with Charles Gaines. Griffin frequently collaborates with Catherine Sullivan and Aiyun Huang. His works have been presented internationally at venues including Los Angeles' REDCAT, Armand Hammer Museum, June in Buffalo, Berlin's Volksbühne, Secession Vienna, London's Royal Academy and the Tate Modern, Taipei City Arts Festival, Walker Art Center, Festival BOM 2010 in Seoul, Korea. He received an MFA from CalArts studying with Mel Powell and a Ph.D. from the University of California, San Diego with George Lewis and Chaya Czernowin.

Open House
Sean Griffin,
Sep 15, 2011, 2:02 PM