BOOKS BY SEAN EGAN

APR 2018: Love With a Passion Called Hate: The Inside Story of The Jam (Askill Publishing). Role: author. The story of a remarkable band told via access to recording producers, music label staff and all three members of the Jam.

NOV 2017: The Clash on the Clash (Chicago Review Press). Role: editor. A collection of interviews conclusively charting the tumultuous career of the Only Band That Mattered.

SEP 2017: The Who on the Who (Chicago Review Press). Role: editor. A compendium of interviews from across five decades that provides the full, fractious story of a fascinating band.

JULY 2016: Fleetwood Mac on Fleetwood Mac (A Cappella). Role: editor. A definitive collection of interviews with both a great band and rock's greatest soap opera.




FEB 2016: James Bond: The Secret History (John Blake). Role: author. The ultimate chronicle of 007 across all media, created with the assistance of Bond scholars, intimates of Ian Fleming, Bond film crew and others.




MAY 2015: Bowie on Bowie (A Cappella). Role: editor. A definitive collection of interviews granted down the decades by rock's enigmatic chameleon. 





OCTOBER 2014: The Clash: The Only Band That Mattered (Rowman & Littlefield). Role: author. An examination of the career and art of The Clash through the prism of the fractious UK politics of the 1970s and 1980s.


JULY 2014: William Goldman: The Reluctant Storyteller (BearManor Media). Role: author. A critical analysis of the works of the novelist and screenwriter responsible for A Bridge Too FarAll The President’s Men, Boys and Girls Together, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Marathon Man, The Princess Bride, etc. Goldman assisted with the book by granting me a series of interviews.


NOVEMBER 2013: Pink Floyd: Glorious Torment (Flame Tree). Role: author. A large format, heavily illustrated introduction to the kings of progressive rock.




NOVEMBER 2013: David Bowie: Ever Changing Hero (Flame Tree). Role: author. A large format, heavily illustrated introduction to rock’s chameleon genius.



SEPTEMBER 2013: Keith Richards on Keith Richards (A Cappella). Role: editor. A collection of the best interviews over five decades given by the man considered the living embodiment of rock ‘n’ roll.



JUNE 2013: The Mammoth Book of The Rolling Stones (Constable & Robinson). Role: editor and contributor. An anthology of writing - old and new - on the greatest rock ‘n’ roll band in the world.


AUGUST 2012: Ape-man: The Unofficial and Unauthorised Guide to 100 Years of Tarzan (Telos). Role: author. An examination – with the assistance of interviews with writers, filmmakers and experts – of one of the most famous icons of the last century.


DECEMBER 2011: Ponies & Rainbows: The Life of James Kirkwood (BearManor Media). Role: author. A biography of the late author and playwright James Kirkwood (There Must Be a Pony!, Good Times/Bad Times, P.S. Your Cat is Dead!, A Chorus Line) featuring the recollections of more than sixty of Kirkwood’s family, lovers, colleagues, friends and enemies. 


MAY 2011: The  Mammoth Book  of Bob  Dylan  (Constable & Robinson). Role: editor and contributor. A selection of writing - old and new - on rock’s greatest poet. 



NOVEMBER 2010: The Doc's Devils (Cherry Red). Role: author. An exploration of the period in the history of Manchester United in which Tommy Docherty was the club’s manager, containing new interviews with many of the players of the period. Note: foreword by Michael Crick (biographer of Alex Ferguson).



SEPTEMBER 2010: 50 Years of Coronation Street (JR Books). Role: author. A comprehensive history of the long-running gritty UK soap featuring new interviews with the programme’s directors, producers, writers and actors. 



APRIL 2009: The Mammoth Book of The Beatles (Constable & Robinson). Role: editor and contributor. A selection of writing - old and new - on the Fab Four. 



JUNE 2008: Don't Mess with the Best (Askill). Role: author. A collection of short stories with cover endorsements from two former Booker Prize winners, David Storey and Stanley Middleton. Melvyn Bragg has provided an endorsement for the paperback.


SEPTEMBER 2007: The Little Black Book of Music (Cassell). Role: general editor (team of 40 contributors) and contributor. The entire 20th century in popular music analysed and discussed in 1,000 250-word entries.


NOVEMBER 2006: 100 Albums That Changed Music (Constable & Robinson). Role: general editor (team of six contributors) and contributor. 




AUGUST 2006: The Rough Guide to the Rolling Stones  (Penguin). Role: author. Book in the popular Penguin series on the titular band.



MARCH 2006: The Rolling Stones and the Making of Let It Bleed, (Unanimous/MQ). Role: author. Book on the recording of the classic Rolling Stones album featuring interviews with the engineers and producers who worked on it.



SEPTEMBER 2004 The Guys Who Wrote ’'em (Askill). Role: author. A book on non-performing songwriters containing exclusive interviews with composing legends like Leiber & Stoller, Mann & Weil, Greenwich & Barry, Holland-Dozier-Holland, Chip Taylor and Tony Macaulay. 


JUNE 2004: Our Music is Red with Purple Flashes: The Story of The Creation (Cherry Red). Role: author. Biography of a cult but highly influential band. Note: foreword by Alan McGee (Creation Records)



SEPTEMBER 2003: Sick of Being Me (Askill). Role: author. A novel about a heroin addict guitarist with cover endorsements from, amongst others, former Blondie member Gary Valentine and Charles R. Cross, author of Heavier Than Heaven: A Biography of Kurt Cobain


NOVEMBER 2002: Not Necessarily Stoned but Beautiful: The Making of “Are You Experienced” (MQ/Unanimous). Role: author. Book about the recording of the Jimi Hendrix Experience's classic debut album. Note: nominated for an Award for Excellence in Historical Recorded Sound Research by the Association for Recorded Sound Collections.


DECEMBER 2000: Animal Tracks - The Story of The Animals (Helter Skelter). Role: author. Biography of the legendary ’Sixties group containing new and exclusive interviews with band members. 



OCTOBER 1998: The Verve: Star Sail (Omnibus). Role: author. Biography of the Nineties rock band. 



APRIL 1998: Leonardo DiCaprio (Anabas). Role: author. Short CD-sized book on the screen idol.