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Syracuse, NY 13244
I am currently a graduate instructor in the Department of Philosophy at Syracuse University.

Broadly, my professional interests concern normative ethics, moral psychology, and the intersection of the two. More specifically, my dissertation aims to sort out the relationship between the ultimate moral goods and bads identified by the correct normative theory, on the one hand, and the attitudes that count as morally good or bad for the purposes of attributing praiseworthiness or blameworthiness, on the other. See here for a short description of my dissertation and some of my related research interests.

Here is my PhD dissertation, What Counts as Desiring the Actual Good?, which I defended (successfully!) on October 21, 2016.

Here is a current CV.

Here is a forthcoming publication on psychopaths. Although many philosophers accept a shared empirical characterization of psychopathy, they cannot seem to agree on whether psychopaths can express ill-will. I argue that this persistent disagreement over ill-will reflects an implicit, underlying disagreement over precisely which features of actions make them wrong.

Here is an older publication in which I defend a compatibilist account of the kind of "settling" required for free will.

It seems obvious that agents are vicious when they fail to respond to their actual moral reasons. But what about agents who suffer from the opposite problem? That is, how should we evaluate agents who respond to moral reasons that do not actually exist? Here is a paper in progress in which I explore this question.

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