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Sean is a screenwriter, filmmaker, and artist. His best screenplays are psychological thrillers, including an adaptation of Alice Blanchard's Breathtaker for John Wells/Warner Brothers and his original screenplay Nelie Bly for Sobini Films/Lions Gate, based on the life of Elizabeth Jane Cochran.

As a filmmaker, Sean has always worked from both sides of his brain. While at Brown University, he completed a double major in pure mathematics and studio art. Later in Los Angeles, he spent several years working in the film industry as a set dresser, prop assistant and art director. He began writing and directing his own films in 1992 through his work with Filmmaker's Alliance and continued his studies at USC's school of Cinema/Television, graduating in 1997 with an MFA in production. His Short Film (writer/director), The Shy and The Naked won a grant from the Sloan Foundation as well as a CINE Golden Eagle award. The story investigates the underlying creative similarities of mathematicians and artists.

After finishing film school, Sean got his “break” when his first major spec script, THE DORM, was purchased by MTV/Paramount. It is a psychological horror film not unlike 'The Shining' set in a freshman dormitory. Since then, while working on genre features (Halloween: Resurrection, Cursed, Hypercube, and Masters of Horror: Sick Girl (2006 TV episode) ), his involvement with Filmmaker's Alliance has continued, allowing him to consistently hone his directing skills, work with actors and shoot short subjects on film and video. Several of these experimental shorts have played in
L.A. festivals.

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Sick Girl 


Sounds Through A Wall