Where are they now?

What has everyone been up to for the last 20 years?

Here is a list of all the students we went to school with. The ones that are highlighted we have contact information for. We are still looking for the ones that are not highlighted. Click on each classmate to see more information about what they have done over the last twenty years.

Tessa Abare
Holly Adams
Stacy Aldrich
Christa Anderson
Dean Bachand
Brian Bean
Kirstein Bennett
Chanin Benoit
Kristin Benway
Kristine Bergeron - She is married to Keith Murphy's brother and does not have internet.
Brent Boise
Jason Boise
Chris Bolduc
Jenn Buker
Matt Buonincontro
Heather Burke
Jeff Camp
Steve Caruso
Kelly Clark
Cynthia Clarke
Angelique Collins
Vicki Collins
Brett Combs
Shawn Cook
Donna Corcoran
Andrea Cota
Chris Cousino
Donna Cousino
Jamie Cousino
Monica Cousino
Travys Cousino
Jackie Cram - no contact requested
Kori Crane
Kevin Danahy - This is no longer valid - kdanahy@sover.net
Julie DeLisle
Brandi Densmore
Tim Dominick
Heather Domski
Cindy Farnsworth
Dave Field
Jeff Field
Michelle Ford
Brian Fox
Paul Franco
Heidi Gagnon
Chris Gemignani
Sherri Gendreau
Chris Gibson
Kevin Grant
Steve Haney
Sean Havey
Jean Heiser
Dawn Heisler
Brian Hill
Yukari Hirooka
Brian Hoffman
Nancy Holcomb
Reta Hutchins
Melissa Jimmo
Lydia Johnson
Kelley Kimball
Laurie Kirby
Kevin Knox
Lisa Lavigne
Scott Leroux
Todd Lossman
Angela Masse
Tracy Masterson
Don McCormick - This is no longer valid - mackelectric@globalnetisp.net
Nicole McKean
Gary Menard
Kevin Miner
Tracy Morcombe
Gina Morrissey
Scott Munson
Keith Murphy
Kristie Myrick
Karen Neil
Scott Oberle
David Orvis
Amy Paine
Denise Palmer
Dennis Paquette
Andrea Parker
Janis Pawul - no contact requested
John Peck
Josh Peirce
Paula Pike 
Ed Poplawski
Matt Poynter
Dan Prime
David Purinton
Jody Rathbun
Seth Reichert
Becky Reynolds
Sandy Rublee
Lisa Russell
Chris Salvadore
Tim Sawyer
Per Schroeder
Jennifer Scott-Smith
Lauren Slayton
Michael Snelgrove
Karen Sorrell
Karen Spazek
Grace Squire
Pat Sullivan
Mike Taylor
Carol Thompson
Kyle Thompson
Michele Thompson
Laura Turrisi
Piper Wallace
Heather Way
Penny Weightman
Becky Whitcomb
Keith Williams
Matt Williamson
Mark Wisniowski
Jody Zeno

 The classmates listed below did not actually graduate with us but were with us during our senior year. Can you think of any classmates to add to the list that left before our senior year?

Seniors                      Juniors                   Sophomores                     Freshman

Raymond Bapp          D.Collins?               David Clayton                  Tricia Duffy                           
Holly Bennett                                          J. Andrews?                      Abigail Brooks
Charlie Cantin                                         Joey Provost                    Kama Lord
Tracy Clark                                              George Davis                   Rick Sprague
Tina Farr                                                 Jamie Sorrell                     M. Hallock?
Darrin Heath                                           Lenny Halnon                   William Freegard
Wayne Johnson                                      Tom Carlton                      S. Dragon
John Lawrence                                       Stacy Owen                      Jon Blanchette
Dan Lougee                                            John Bingham                   Eric Clark
Tom Tatro                                               Alan Serafin                      R. Chausse
Wilder Wheelock                                     Sue Garrow                      Eric Swanson
                                                               Pam Ekroos                      
                                                               N. Lessard?
                                                               Julie Gautherat
                                                               B. Baker?
                                                               T. Gunter?
                                                               Todd Fuller