Reunion Photos

Here is the first group of photos I received. If you have some, please send them so I can post them here.

Lisa (Russell) Verizzi, Kevin Knox, JoAnn Knox, Kori Crane, Angel (Collins) Jarvis, David Jarvis                             

Julie (Delisle) Purinton-Shuler, Miccal McMullan (Mike Snelgrove), Dan Prime, Becky Reynolds, Wayne Johnson   

Tony Dominick and Jude (Heather) Domski                                                                                                           

Chanin (Benoit) Hill and Jody (Rathbun) Schroeder                                                                                               


Lauren Slayton, Kevin, Lisa, Steve Verizzi, Andrea (Cota) Ryan                                                                           

Mark Wisniowski, Jennifer Wisniowski, Chris Salvadore, Kathie Salvadore, Keith Murphy                                     

Andrea, Michele (Thompson) Sands, Jody                                                                                                            

Lauren, Chanin, Brian Hill, Michelle (Ford) Litch                                                                                                    

Michele, Dawn (Heisler) Valley                                                                                                                              

Sean Havey, Linda Havey at Club Metronome                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Dawn, Roger Cloutier, Cindy (Farnsworth) Cloutier, Jason Wainer (Laura Turrisi's Husband) Oliver Carling (Cynthia Clarke's Husband) Michelle, Rob Litch at Club Metronome

Michelle, Rob, Chanin, Brian, Becky, Jim Shuler at Club Metronome                                                                      

Tyler Westbrook, Piper (Wallace) Westbrook, Sean Havey at Club Metronome                                                                                                                                     

Michele, Kyle "Fattie B" Thompson, Jody at Club Metronome