Organizing Committee

  1. •    Sackmone SIRISACK

National University of          Laos, Vientiane, Laos

  1.     Joaquim CORREIA

University of Évora, 

Évora, Portugal

  1.     Youcef MAMMERI

University of Picardie, 

Amiens, France

Satellite School

CIMPA school in Vientiane, January 2017

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Functional Analysis and 

Differential equations           Vientiane Capital, Laos

                                             December 22-30 2016 

The South East Asian Mathematical Society initiates the SEAMS School of Mathematics as a series of intensive 7-day workshop. The purpose of this school is to provide opportunity for undergraduate as well as master students to have an advanced learning experience in mathematics, and to introduce a research-based learning.

In this school, we intend to introduce the basis of the mathematical analysis to study differential equations (ordinary and partial). One aim is to prepare students and staff members for more concrete problems arising in mathematical modeling in engineering and biological processes. Theoretical and numerical lectures will be given, with a presentation of free scientific computing softwares such as Scilab or Python.