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Our Music:
The band "Seamróg" (stemming from the Irish word for "clover") finds its roots within the Irish and Celtic music traditions, although mixing these with a good dose of Pop, Rock and Jazz and thereby developing a particular own character. This is also mirrored in the instruments used:
Traditional folk instruments (Banjo, Mandoline, Acoustic Guitar, Whistle, Bagpipes, Fiddle and Bodhrán) are mixed with modern sounds and occasionally you would even hear the exotic vibrations of the australian didgeridoo.

Within the programm of the seven musicians from the Bergische Land, Cologne and Bochum, there is an nice alternation of lively instrumentals and lyrical songs, some passages will even come along in several voices.
Although the band's assembly went through several changes over the years, it all began in 1995. Seamróg, by all means, are able to offer a feature-length repertoire. On several occasions these three ladies and four gentlemen would 'jig the hell' out of the audience, causing people to groove, dance, and sometimes even sing!
The Band:
... consists (apart from one exception) of hobby musicians and autodidacts!
Indeed we also have a real luminary amongst us (Alfons "officially" studied music), but when all is said and done it is not the perfection and virtuosiy of the individual by which we'd like to measure ourselves... but rather the 'je ne sais quoi', that something special which is being produced commonly as a band, which sometime magically appears when humans get together acting in union, and loving what they do and the reasons why more than themselves. Currently the band stands as follows:
Some of our Motives:
  • living the inspiration for the traditional Irish music
  • having some fun whilst doing that :-)
  • sharing the overflow of that joy with others