Find ground to awaken the spine 

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Practise weekly for cellular health 

Learning through the body is  a lifelong creative and neurologically vital process that is at the heart of longevity, cellular and postural health and sports performance.  


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Helping you master dynamic coordination and healthy rest using hydration techniques and exercises to reconnect with your body.  

When you start melting you learn to support the aspects of your body that stabilise, nourish and protect you to move . 

Develop skills to stimulate neuro receptors and hydrate fascia using rollers and therapy balls to undo adhessions in soft issue that causes pain and inflammation. 

.At home in your body. 

Feeling at home in the body is an important condition to rest, digest and recover. 

Developing some functional understanding of how your body moves is essential to your health and daily self care. 

You want to try melting on your own with Sue Hitzmann's videos head on over to Melt on Demand and train with prerecorded videos. 

If you are ready to train live and receive support to develop awareness of your body needs and successful training pathways book a consultation with me today.

Awaken the spine 

Gain energy 

Regulate your nervous system

Progressive learning adapted to your body and lifestyle needs

I help professional athletes and individuals struggling with recurring injuries, chronic pain, neuropathy, digestive, hormonal and sleep issues to get back into practise that regulates their autonomic nervous system functions.  Helping you find adaptations and progressions suited to your body is at the heart of my teaching practise.

Reconnect and rehydrate 

Hydrating the body with neuro fascia treatments improves sleep, digestion and supports hormonal balance and lymphatic drainage. I integrate neuro fascial technique with functional movement with awareness to help you move better  in daily life and improve sports performance.   

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Welcome pleasure

Resource the body to move with more ease

Explore techniques to reconnect  to your experience in the body 

Stimulate collagen production 

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