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morning hatha yoga, evening meditation / yoga nidra + yogic wellness culture
your favorite dream location 
7 days yogic life style  

co-design your perfect yoga retreat
long time traveler ;) mind and body awareness 
practitioner  inspiring locations 
in India, Thailand, Europe, Andaman Sea

Wouldn't it be fun 
to do some yoga poses in front of the Eiffel Tower, 
on the beach in Morocco, in your home in Sweden,
on a yacht in the Andaman Sea?  

Learn with Camelia Yoga and get the experience of the living 
tradition of yoga with the personal touch of co-designing your dream yoga retreat. 

This is for people interested in immersing in the culture of modern day yoga wanting to develop understanding of the classical roots of yoga, the rituals, practices and lifestyle that yoga practice inspires. As such this holiday will have a daily program to it that will require discipline and the practice of a certain diet and abstinence from smoking. The deep rejuvenating effect and amazing sense of well-being is sought through the yogic lifestyle. An experience of nature and yoga art will also be incorporate with plenty of time to rest and enjoy socializing. But this is not  a retreat for people wanting a holiday with a bit of yoga. 

This is for those wanting an immersion into modern day yogic culture. 

I've traveled extensively and have studied in India. Thailand and Europe. I share my experience and passion for yoga with the aim of helping people discover greater energy reserves and more freedom of mind, heart and body. With that freedom comes more contentment and wellbeing. 

Learning a 4 step meditation practise which you can take home and practice for life is part of the goals of this retreat. Meditation is in my view one of the strongest tools to release tension in the body and mind. It is not to the exclusion of modern day science and healthcare. But it ads great quality of life experience, sharpens your awareness and liberates energy and prana (life force) within the body and mind. Helps to alleviate and manage anxiety, tensions in the back, improves hormonal balance, alignment and posture, joint range of motion and stabilizes hyperactive mind and body. 

£550 per person + travel and accommodation expenses
(£400 per person for two people or more are booking)