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7 classes

Deepen with 7 classes at home

7 classes 
Deepen with Camelia Yoga
Home Yoga / Yoga Sadhna

In the comfort of your home experience yoga with this set of seven uniquely tailored one-on-one classes with Camelia. Each class focuses on different aspects of our need for a healthy body, our ability to tune in, use mindfulness and breath to strengthen, relax, invigorate and heal specially designed to meet your own personal needs, body type and challenges. 

We meet once a week and I encouraged you to practise on your own 15 minutes a day on five of the days we do not meet. Each session last 1 or 2 hours depending on your choise of sesions. 

7 one-on-one classes 

7 classes - DEEPEN

£210 for 2 h session (£15 an hour)
£168 for 7 x 1 and 1/2 h sessions (£16 an hour)

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If you would like an introductory session you can book one for £50. This can give you chance to see if you are comfortable working with me and it also gives me an opportunity to discuss your goals and issues and feed that info back into the yoga sessions that I plan for you. If you chose the book a 5 or 7 session package after the introductory session you can pay the difference and make the introductory session count as one of your sessions from the package. 

An introductory session is not required if you would like to commit to the full set of 5 or 7 sessions but you will need to fill in a questionnaire before our first sessions so that I get an understanding of your body, mind and heart state and your motivation for wanting to sign up to a home yoga sadhana course.  

Full integrated yoga practice 
includes mantras for emotional and energetic tuning, asanas or yoga positions and dynamic flows sequences to get grounded back into the body and into the present moment, to address strength building and releasing of knots, to find space for the joints to express freely and to experience greater comfort and ease in daily life, pranayama, the heart of all yoga where through the use of conscious breath awareness we stimulate and focus vitality, extremely beneficial to release tension in the neck and along the spine as well as to help release anxiety and support the heart and the lungs. YOGA NIDRA (deep relaxation) and MEDITATION for a greater sense of peace and deeper awareness of life. 

The introductory session is more an exploration of your needs and state of being at the moment. I will ask questions and learn more about the challenges and goals you have. We will do a short yoga session also that will give me clues on how to tailor the classes should you chose to book onto the 7 week package after the introductory session. The consultation is a great way for me to meet you and learn about your needs and challenges and for you to see if you would like to work with me in deepening your yoga journey and exploration. This introductory session can be booked for £50 and is not part of the 7 week package. You are not required to book it if you are committed to booking the package. You will need to fill in an online questionnaire which will help me get and understanding of your state of mind and body and your goals. 

I enjoy supporting the person and give all of my attention to pinpointing ways of embarking on a focused yoga program that is aimed at helping you achieve your goals. Your practise of yoga has to fit within your lifestyle. Yoga is a discipline so a certain amount of commitment is required for the sessions to work for you. That being said I encourage you to listen to your body and mind and discover along the way ways of fitting yoga into your lifestyle. As with any discipline, yoga has an effect on our whole being. As you progress with you you might chose to make changes to your lifestyle that better express the transformation of body and mind that you might experience. 

7 one-on-one classes 
intro session / consultation £50

Price: £210 for a 2h sessions or £168 for 1 and 1/5 h sessions
(payment through paypal or bank account transfer)
Intro session price is deductible if you decide to book package after it.  

Each package can be used within a two month period from activation. Dates are scheduled on a weekly basis first come first serve. I will be available for early morning, evening and weekend classes. Ask if daytime slots are available. 48 hour cancellation policy.

Helping you make yoga your own
personal sequencing that address the needs of your body, mind and heart

in the comfort of your home 
deepening awareness without looking at other people
no commuting

When I started doing yoga I loved my classes but then I would go home and even when I tried to replicate the class movement by movement it was hard and cumbersome. After doing the Teacher Training Course I understood that the key to moving into yoga is developing your own personal practise. To do that you need a few basic grounding techniques. And from there you can continue going to group classes but the experience will be much stronger. Because you will be able to explore yoga practices and understand how they work for you and where they can fit. You will learn basic movement techniques and understand how to sequence them so that you address needs of your body and mind at the moment. 

Take the journey with yoga this season. Finish the year on a YOGA HIGH

Seven classes give you the opportunity to deepen into the physical and flow experience of yoga allowing your body to release and the mind to relax. 

Build up a healthy habit and learn how you can positively affect your energy levels and the experience of ease in your body. 

With a lot more time to deepen at each level and work with your own pace to discover the flow of energy. Observe new energy as it begins to move areas of your life, affecting your creativity, physical wellbeing, emotional and psychic self. A supportive, learning environment. 

*  Focus on Standing up poses that stimulate the digestive system, awaken the excretory system and foster physical strength. 
 Focus on Pawamuktasani that help release static energy in the joints - ankles, knees, hips, wrists, shoulders, elbows. Awaken the vital energy inside you with these simple but potent practices which can be used for physical and meditative benefits.
* A healthy 6 Yoga Vitamins Practise.
* Explore the different elements of the vinyasa flow sequence known as Surya Namaskar (sun salutations) but broken down as asana practise. 
* You will experience Leslie Kaminoff's (a student of TKV Desikachar and author of the best selling Yoga Anatomy book) flow sequences that help us deepen our awareness of our breath and allow us to build up a healthier energy matrix and state of mind 
* Surya Namaskar (sun salutations) with special attention to learning healthy movements and transitions

Price: £210 for a 2h. sessions or £115 for 1h. sessions
(payment by cash, paypal or bank account transfer)

Each package can be used within a two month period from activation. Dates are scheduled on a weekly basis first come first serve. Get in touch to find out what slots of the day are available and to discuss any questions you might have.  You can reschedule up to two appointments with a 24 hour notice period and up to two appointments with a 48 hour notice period depending on availability.