Yoga Art Playgrounds


First featured at   the V&A Museum of Childhood 

Yoga Art Playgrounds

Great Photos
professionally trained photographer 
creates visual narratives

    Play Sessions -  
 Special Events

relaxing for parents 
Beautiful for onlookers and participants alike
        More easily recognized in the West as art, mandala making contains   
        the wisdom passed on to us through the ancient tradition of yoga

Yoga, art and garden playgrounds 
creative spaces to inspire awareness and connection nature 

featured at the V&A Museum of Childhood, Hatfield House, Regent's Park and more.       

unique benefits for children and adults
* engaging and memorable for all generations *           
*  sensory - tactile, aromatic and colourful natural materials * 
       *  promotes sharing craetive time with family and friends      
* develops motor skills and strategies for personal expression * 



sensory yoga art designs
live canvases
flower showers


Creative Yoga Art 
Live canvases are specially designed sensory 
yoga art environments that people step into 
to create mandalas with inspiring the senses organic material. 

At s
pecial events and in garden spaces

  Live  Canvases   Yoga Art Playgrounds 

The signature yoga art playground 
experience. These are what kick-started 
Sea Mandala designs with a sensory 
commission from the 
V&A Museum of Childhood.







Live canvases are specially designed
sensory yoga art environments
that people step into to create mandalas.  
                    Live canvases




  •     promoting a relaxed and positive mind 
  •     celebrating nature and community 
  •     memorable photo opportunity  
  •     add colour and aroma to your event

Mandala Art
inspired by the 
yogic tradition


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        Enjoy designing with nature 
Sensory Yoga Art  

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             Camelia Yoga              

 © Camelia Nikolova 2011                                                                     

"I've never seen kids engaged for so long. I had to drag Milie away."
Jamie Rose
Tiger Mandala at the V&A Museum of Childhood 2011

"I think it's nice to give children the freedom to explore. They learn a lot by taking risks and experimenting without having to adhere to a structured exercise."
Sue Johnson
Tiger Mandala at the V&A Museum of Childhood 2011

"The balance between guidance and allowing freedom to express at the session was perfect." 
Kathryn Lowe
Yoga Art and Landscape Listening Session

"I like that it's all natural and kids get to explore textures, smells, colours, weight on their own. The smell is divine"
Tiger Mandala at the V&A Museum of Childhood 2011

"I'm so happy for the work you do with children! Kids are so intuitive at making mandalas, it's one of the first things they draw. Thank you for your blessing the planet with your unique gift! 
Danamala, Mandala artist

"Landscape reading is both a joy and a skill that's important to our future on the planet...bringing together art, yoga and landscape in a mandala sounds enticing. I love what you're doing."
Patrick Whitefield, landscape designer and best selling author of the Earth Care Manual and The Living Landscape

"Ben and Sally really loved having the chance to play and explore in a very unstructured, hands on way. It was a lovely chance to make some art with others and it helped us all slow down at what was a rather busy event. Many thanks."
Jo Homan
Mandala Making in the Garden at the London Permaculture Festival August 2010

"It was a beautiful and calm activity and all my children enjoyed it. My 7 year old boy made a rocket, my disabled 5 year old enjoyed touching and feeling the seeds and my 2 year old girl made a flower picture. I liked the scents - thank you very much."
Lucy Newman
Spring Mandala at the EFSDS May in a Day! May 2011

"The experience of handling, smelling and exploring the materials being as much apart of the activity as the end result. The Mandala provided a fun and safe environment for over 500 children aged mostly between 2-8 years. I found Camelia to be amenable, reliable and creative in her approach and a delight to work with." 
Nicky Caro
V&A Museum of Childhood August 2011

"At last something for my son Hamish (aged 2 1/2) that really interests, stimulates and occupies him. I love this creation in all seedy wonder." 
James Fagan, Folk by the Oak 2012

"Thank you very much for the lovely May Mandala workshop you led on our lawn! It looked and smelt beautiful! People of all ages really enjoyed working on it. I’d just like to say that it was a pleasure working with you and hope that we can find another occasion."
Rachel Elliott, Education Director
"What great fun, an amazing sight, the lawn full of children making patterns with seeds and flowers. Everyone should have Camelia at their summer festivals, fairs, fetes and parties."  
Jane Pfaff, May Pole Workshop Leader 

It was great fun, feeling the grass beneath my feet whilst getting the opportunity to create. 
Morgan, 13 years old, Folk by the Oak 2012

"We so enjoyed all the wonderful smells and sensations last year. I was really hoping you'd be back again - and you were! Thank you..."
Rhone and Callum, Folk by the Oak 2012

"That was my favourite part of the event as it was a peaceful pause in the busy buzz."
Shivanna Baker
Mandala Making in the Garden at the London Permaculture Festival August 2010




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