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feeling at home in the body is an important condition to rest, digest and recover

If you don’t like learning with prerecorded videos or group classes, need support to embody yoga and the Melt Method safely in your body, or started with videos but need help troubleshooting the technique, I offer progressive learning sensitive to your body and fitness levels with one on one tuition.

With open conversation around your sensations in yoga poses, with the roller and the therapeutic balls, private tuition helps you ease into the technique for long term success. I help people develop the art of self care through embodiment with pleasure, movement and working with sensations using yoga and fascia therapy.

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Learn more about the benefits of somatic practise here

Yoga + Melt Method

pay as you go sessions

1 session x 1,5 hours

Use this session as a introductory consultation into how yoga and fascia self care can support you coming back to your body or use these sessions for ongoing training without commitment.

Lets try a few moves. Let me read your body and help you figure how to use the melt roller and therapeutic balls for best results in supporting your tissues and nervous system release stuck stress. Enjoy a luxurious session of yoga therapy and lets move our attention, breath and welcome the self back to the body for clairty, strenght and mobility.

Private tuition can help you experience yoga poses within your own body and according to your needs.

You will walk away with an understanding of the basics of fascia and wellness science.

£ 65 \ trees

You can borrow a soft roller and therapeutic ball for the session and try out the products if working with me in person.

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Until the end of June

long soft roller € 57,73

Delivery to the UK is € 28 in Europe €14


Melt Method

core support package

5 sessions x 1 hour

You like commiting. Five one hour lessons give you a safe introduction into the 5 step protocol of the Melt Method. Get support to come out of habis of bearing down on your pelvic floor and learn to find your core. Practise with me. Clinically proven to help people release stuck stress in their lower back, as well as rebalance all functions of the autonomic nervous system - improve restorative sleep, digestion and joint health. Excellent hands free self care fascia treatments that helps you find ease and confidence in every day life and sports performance. This is a neuro fascial approach. We don't want to tip into pain, tension or discomfort when doing the moves. You want the nervous system relaxing as you melt.

£ 250 \ trees

Soft roller and custom kit not included.

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Yoga + Melt Method

Rebalance and Hydrate the autonomic nervous system package

10 sessions x 1.5 hours

Hydrate the body and rebalance the nervous system with fascia self care and yoga reconnect tools. An hour and a half for yourself to really explore what yoga and the Melt Method can do for your wellbeing if you commit to self care and practise weekly with peresonal support.

£600 \ trees

Soft roller and custom kit not included.

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give weight and receive support

For every booking with me I will donate towards

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Until the end of June the long soft roller can be order for € 57,73

Delivery to the UK is € 28 in Europe €14.

The Melt method has brought new depth to my yoga practise, improved sleep and released deep held tensions in my psoas, diaphragam, calves and back of skull.

Release stuck stress in your body, hydrate and rebalance your nervous system. Improve your kinesthetic awareness so you can join group classes and engage in every day life with more confidence and pleasure in your body.

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Scaravelli's Yoga Approach

Vanda Scaravelli's approach to yoga as taught and further developed by the Esther Myers Yoga Studio has given me the deepest grounding into using yoga poases to release stuck stress in the lower back, shoulder girdle, neck, pelvis and eyes. I treasure the gift I received and would like to pass it through my senstivity further to others. Enriched through my somatic dance practise, body mind centering and fascia science this is a holistic approach that helps you use the asanas and breathing exerciases to support yourself, undo tension and discover more energy to enjoy your life.

Integrate melting and yoga into your sports practise for best results.

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Reconnect, Rebalance, Rehydrate and Release

I work individually with people to help everyone find their way back home into the body with sensitivity and flow.

Adaptations, sequences and progressions in response to anatomical body reading and open conversation with you.

Gain the skills and insights you need to melt and explore yoga. Enjoy entering into daily movements and sports with more pleasure and confidence. Support and offer new options to the nervous system when the body experiences repetitive stress injuries. I am an experienced somatic practitioner with specialisims in using yoga and fascia science to release stuck stress in the body and awaken spinal health through indepth understanding of practises that relate to posture, gate and movement for everyday life and sports performance purposes. Certified © Melt Method instructor. Learn more

The Melt Method is based on the application of Gil Hedley's and Thomas Myers fascia research and Sue Hitzmann's bodywork practise.

MELT METHOD is a gentle self-treatment technique that enhances mobility, stability, and performance and is clinically proven to reduce chronic pain while restoring overall wellbeing. Learn more

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Both yoga and the Melt Method are exercises for the autonomic nervous system. The practise is helping you re balance mobility and strenght and awake self care, awareness and intuition.

photos on page © Camelia Shakti and © Melt Method