Melt with Camelia and Yoga

Find ground to awaken the spine

Awaken the spine

Gain energy

Regulate your nervous system

Practising online gives you the advantage of saving money, time and stress on travel and also empowers you to better integrate the session in your body with rest and self care at home after the session.

Why do we practise movement with awareness?

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"My desire for sharing yoga and fascia self care is to promote a more relaxed and creative state of mind and greater energy reserves. For myself and others."

Camelia Shakti

Develop skills to stimulate the suppleness of fascia. The body's neuro receptors that manage sensory motor control live in the fascia.

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The Melt Method is based on the application of Gil Hedley's and Thomas Myers fascia research and Sue Hitzmann's bodywork practise.

MELT METHOD is a gentle self-treatment technique that enhances mobility, stability, and performance and is clinically proven to reduce chronic back pain while restoring overall wellbeing.

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Resource the body to move with more ease

Explore techniques to reconnect to your experience in the body

Stimulate collagen production

Feeling at home in the body is an important condition to rest, digest and recover.

Hydrating the body with self care fascia treatments improves autonomic nervous system functions like sleep and digestion and supports hormonal balance and lymphatic drainage.

Touching the ground to hydrate

I help people with chronic issues and performance improvement.

I specialize using yoga and fascia self care treatments to rebalance the nervous system and support collagen production and lymphatic function.

Helping you find adaptations, sequences and progressions that release tension and awaken the wave of the spine is at the heart of my teaching practise.

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Melting restores hydration and revives the neurological tone of the body affecting posture, cognition and movement quality. Yoga practise trains somatic skills without which you cannot shift neurological patterns.

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