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Move to hydrate the body towards nourishment, safety and excitement.¬† ūü••

Moving Storyteller / play relaxation response / moving through the body into space / neuro mapping/  fascia hydration

Take your time, listen to your body.

I eduate and train people to understand how to use movement and neuro fascial technqiue to better regulate their autonomic nervous system and improve its function resource the body to better manage issues related to aging, chronic pain, digestion and sleep

Are you interested in moving with me? 

ūüí¶ yes, I want to address health issues

ūüí¶ yes, I feel great but I want to improve my sports and movement performance¬†

ūüí¶ Not sure I want to train with you weekly but would appreciate a consultation to learn more about neuro fascial approaches to selfcare

ūüí¶ I hae issues with sleep and digestion and curious to learn more about fascia hydration and self care

Reconnect to pleasure 

1 on 1 training help you address personal compensations and explore strategies relevant to you

I work with initial consultation. 

And then offer subscription based movement sessions that are process based and intended to help you develop movement skills and understanding personalized to your body to lead a more active, painfree and happy life. 

Prepain symptoms and Chronic Pain 

If you suffer with medical conditions, pre pain symptoms such as stiffness, indigestion, trouble sleeping, problems with concentration / brain fog,  have had surgery / scar tissues and/  or chronic pain I advise you to book a consultation and plan for Melt Method tuition in addition to at least one round of yoga subscription with me after consultation. 

If you are an experienced mover and have a regular movement with awareness practise you do not need to book yoga sessions with me although you may choose to do so as those sessions aim to equip you with personalized understanding on where in our movement we have holding and compensation. 

typical pathways to practise with me 

No pain or pre pain symptoms   - 4 to 8 hrs Melt Method tuition online or in person to learn the principles of neuro fascial care for tissue hydration 

Pre pain signals - 2 month  weekly training (homework and email support in between sessions) +  Melt Method tuition is required

Chronic pain  issues  - minimum of 4 to 6 months  1 on 1 training with a mixture of therapeutic yoga and Melt Method sessions (homework and email support in between our sessions supports daily practise)

To book email

I offer people a pathway out of chronic pain and educate on functional anatomy and neuro fascial technique through movement with awareness practise to support hormonal balance, muscular skeletal efficiency, digestive health and restorative sleep.

Insured under FitPro UK to teach in person and live. 

I offer discounts for dancers and people on lower income.  Fill in the form to know if you qualify. 

If you run a gym or  wellness center and would like to invite me to lecture on pathways out of chornic pain or to lead a practical introductory session on neuro fascial selfcare please drop me an email. 

START ūüí¶

Initial consultation 60 min 

£70  online / £95 in person

house visit / therapy room near Angel Station in London 

This session helps me orient what postural and gate habits might be holding you back and what patterns we can practise to open up new opportunities for you to take support in your body and express more freely in space using yoga and neuro fascial approaches to hydrate and stimulate collagen and rebalance the nervous system and grounded core. 


Yoga sessions Awakening the spine 85 min

MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION £400 once a week online 

Rolling bimonthly commitment every time you start a course . 

Develop underanding on functional movement in your joints and gain insight on where you might be holding and accumulating stress and how you can practise to undo compensations.  This is an introduction into awakening the spine and rebalancing the neurocore with the aim of releasing tension in the neck, shoulders, lower back and hips and remaping your neuro pathways to bring in more strength and mobility in your daily life and sports performance.  The practise will help improve your somatic skills to work with breath, meditation and melting and directly benefit your gate and posture. 

Melt Method 

Reverse the effect of dehydration that come from aging, scar tissues and injury, improve sports performance  and rebalance the pelvis using neuro fascial technique for self care with therapy balls and soft rollers. Don't wait for a massage to treat your soft tissue.  People with chronic pain and problems in their nervous system should always consider 1 on 1 sessions in addition or before joining group or video tuition.  Hands on adjustments. 

Reconnect hands and feet using Melt Method

£260  for 4 hrs of tuition online

valid for 5 weeks from first session scheduled

The 4 hrs are split up into workshop sessions to learn the theory and application of the Melt Method to your own body and needs and if time allows we can also have a few shorter practise sessions. 

I provide regular email support in addition to our online zoom sessions to help you put into practise what you learn with me in our online zooms. Shifting habits takes encouragemen and practise. Give it a go and watch your wellness - digestion, sleep, gate, posture, self talk and skin texture transform. 

First 4 hours introduce you to the principles of melting. With ongoing sessions learn to use maps and gentle techniques to address issues in your lower and upper body, sports specific sequences to prep and sooth. The Melt Method is designed by celebrated fitness and longevity trainer, New York Times bestselling author Sue Hitzmann. 

New to melt? 

Add Melt Method tools package soft roller, half roller, therapy balls and elastic band /  £165 Free delivery in the UK

Melt Method Maps to Rehydrate in person 

55 min £95 

85 min £120 

3 x 85 min package in person 330 

(valid or 2 months)

In person sessions are highly recommended for anyone who wants to start melting. And for people with chronic pain a few in person sessions are imperative for the successful rebalancing of the neuro core and refining techniques for hydrating the thoracic and releasing the neck and lower back. 

Yoga and Melt Method online

Train your awareness and hydrate the body 

60 min of Melt Method or 85 min of Yoga 

MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION £400 once a week online 

Once you have completed a 4 hour tuition into the Melt Method I can start bringing melting into your weekly yoga session and you can start to use these two techniques to greatly help you performance and physical and mental wellbeing through regular practise. 

Reconnect hands and feet using Melt Method

£260  for 4 hrs of tuition online

valid for 5  weeks from first session scheduled

sessions lenght depend on personal progress with the practise and aimed to fit into your schedule 

Melt Method Maps to Rehydrate 85 min 

MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION £400 once a week online 

Monthly and annual subscriptions  intended to help you acquire new movement skills, improve performance and resolve chronic pain, digestion and stiffness issues.  Regular practise improves your resources to resolve and manage mental health issues. 

Reverse the effect of aging, scar tissues and injury, improve sports performance  and rebalance the pelvis using neuro fascial technique for self care or yoga technique.  

If you are dealing with chronic pain or want to improve your sports performance through movement with awareness and integrated somatic and neuro fascial technique this is the way to go. 

Rolling bimonthly commitment every time you start a monthly subscription. 

10 % discount when you pay for 6 months in advance. 


Top up Melt Method 

Clients who have workd with me for 4 or more months are able to book individual sessions at a preferrential price of £75 / hour  to refine and address issues that are coming up in their practise. 

Once you have mastered the main principles and gotten support on how to apply the principles to your body continue melting on your own with Melt on Demand prerecorded videos online and meet me once a month  for a 1 on 1 session to refine your technique, deepen the effect and ask questions that come up your practise and wellness levels.

Private Holiday Trainer 

Available to join you on your holiday as private trainer.  My return transport cost and accommodation needs to be covered and a secured booking of 1.5 hours per day required. 

T&C apply

Payment Methods 

Discount available when you pay for 6 months subscription. 

Monthly and annual subscriptions  available and intended to help you acquire new movement skills and manage chronic issues.

24 hours notice to reschedule appointments.

bimonthly commitments  on monthly subscription packages 

24 hrs notice to reschedule appointments still holds on all subscription offers 

You can reschedule a few sessions as long as you make sessions up within the two month period you are booked on. 

Pls arrange international payment through

You locate my details by typing in my email 

If you have not used before you can use this invitation link to sign up to get the first transfer free

For payments within the UK  email to receive my bank account details. 

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