We men of SEAL Team Kopis take this hobby/sport very seriously. This team bases their impression on the Navy SEALS. That includes some of the disciplines that the military uses; for example marching, saluting, and falling-in in an orderly line.
If you are one of the many who plays Airsoft because you like to run around in the woods and shoot each other in a casual relaxed way, 'there is nothing wrong with that" but if that describes you then this team is probably not the place for you.
If however, you want to play with a team that is committed to being the best Airsofters we can possibly be and you like military structure and discipline, then SEAL Team Kopis is the team for you.

To look and feel as professional as possible we all wear the same uniform and we all have similar equipment.

To apply to be a member of SEAL Team Kopis you must be a male of 18 years or older.

Here is a list of the required gear a member must have:
**you are required to own all items on this list to qualify to join the team**

  • KWA M4A1, KWA M16 KWA SR-10 or KWA SR-12, plus 3 mini batteries or 2 large type batteries, depending on what type of AEG you have.
  • One Set of Woodland BDU trousers, blouse and boonie hat.
  • One set of MultiCam ACU cut trousers, blouse and boonie hat.
  • One pair of tan military style Boots.
  • OD Green UTG tactical vest, or Coyote/OD vest with OD (only) pouches.
  • Two pairs of Airsoft safety glasses.
  • Midland GTX 1000/1050 with Headset of choice.
  • 8-10 Mid cap mags; 75-120 round capacity.
  • OD green water blader/pack.
  • OD/Coyote/Black tactical gloves (wool glove liners alone are not acceptable)

A potential recruit must attend 6 events before he can join. Once he has joined he will be expected to have most of his gear by his last event as a recruit.
If you have any questions E-mail me at. Strider9117@gmail.com
or the XO, Kiyoshi at Kuramori.Kiyoshi@gmail.comor the XO Kiyoshi at Kuramori.Kiyoshi@gmail.com


  • Mako Platoon A new page has been added to this Public Site! Check out the Mako Platoon page to learn more about the brother-unit. SEAL Team Kopis Mako Platoon Page
    Posted Sep 24, 2013, 12:38 AM by Chris Foxtrot
  • OP: Reindeer Revolt-WARNO Released! ASE Type: TC-ASE.Date: 12/29-30/2012Location: Camp R&RUniforms: Woodland BDU’s.Camping: Yes
    Posted Dec 26, 2012, 6:00 PM by Chris Foxtrot
  • New Site Welcome to the new SEAL Team Kopis public website! Take a look around.
    Posted Oct 11, 2011, 10:00 AM by Chris Foxtrot
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