Seal Chart Studio was started in 1986 when Lawrence Jenkins bought a Rochat Etching press.  With the help & encouragement of the etchers who had been taught by Lawrence at Maidstone Adult Education Centre or at the studio a kind of cooperative has been created.  This site allows the users of the studio to show their prints to a wider public and provide the public with a link to the artists if they would like to buy any of the prints.  Although Lawrence  meant to establish this site sometime ago, it has only now been made possible to proceed thanks to the services of Google.  Thanks Google.

On the following pages you will find the names of the etchers using the studio, images of their prints, and ways to contact them should you wish to buy any prints for your collection. This is still very much work in progress.

With time I will add a process section but this is just the beginning.  Comments and advice welcome.  Visit the our blog at http://sealchartetchingstudio.wordpress.com/