Why I had to do this


2 Weeks ago I received a phone call from the mother in law. (around 1 July 2009 )  Here recently bought HP touchsmart PC ( Dec 2008 ) had failed  to start.  Closer inspection and the drive was suddenly not being recognised inn the bios.
Given it was under warranty with HP, rather than risk any damage I advised her to contact HP.
Very many calls later,  she was advised by HP that they would arrange for a courier to pick up her machine and repair the drive.  She pointed out that she had numerous family photos on the drive and that these were the only copys. ( a lesson to be learn't in backing up).  HP advised that this was not covered by the warranty.  She pointed out that she  had purchased an extended warranty at the point of sale as it covered data recovery.  She was advised that this was fine, if the drive had failed during the extended warranty period and during the 1st year. Standard manufacturers warranty did not cover.  ( out of luck )
I advised her to ask for the drive back, as it may be possible at a later stage to recover the data.  ( Did not know about this issue at this stage)
HP advised her that she would have to pay.
Mother in law : How much she asked?
HP :I will have to find out for you and ring back.
She waited ....... 1 day ....... 2 days ...
She rang them back.  Several diversions later
HP : £50.00 to return the drive.
Mother in law : £50.00 for a broken hard drive.  You must be kidding ?
HP : Sorry madam , but yes £50.00.  Would you like your drive ?
Anyway to cut the story short .  She paid up over the phone and the drive was sent to  her.  2 weeks later her pc also arrived back.  Strange there was nothing wrong with the LCD screen or the casing when it went in.
What i forgot to mention was that she also spoke to the shop where she bought it from before returning it to HP.  They sent one of their tech guys who for £49.00 run some recovery disks using linux and determined the drive was not being recognised.  Come on .  Surely you should have known there was an issue with these drives ( it took me 5 minutes to find the problem on the internet).