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Voyage To The Bottom of the Sea

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It was an act of rescuing a damsel in distress when Stu stopped to help  CJ. He and the Admiral soon find out she is not helpless. Admiral Nelson's curiosity comes into play when CJ is seen with someone that looks like a man believed dead and at one time a close friend of the Admiral's.
A few months later and the brief encounter with a lady called CJ turns out to be the solution to one of Admiral Nelson's problems. This time it is the Seaview that needs to be rescued. 

Admiral Nelson is always generous when giving to charities. But this time his sister's request was more than he was willing to pay. A turn of events and the chance to meet with CJ will change his mind. But as always the path would not be smooth for either the Admiral or CJ.

Even on a vessel like Seaview, the dedicated and serious crew finds themselves surrounded by mischief. One prank leads to another and soon it is everyone for themselves. As the day progresses it becomes increasingly harder to know who is responsible for all the Trick and Treat activities.

Their last mission together had left both feeling doubts about where the relationship was going. Harry was determined to try again with a surprise weekend for CJ. A billy goat, bucket of cow's milk and a newly born colt would add to the complexity of their relationship.

Excitement filled the air as the crew of the Seaview left for shore leave. Romance and adventure waited for the crew. A chance meeting with an interesting lady leads to a special night for Chip Morton whose misfortune soon spills over to CJ and the Admiral.

With sadness CJ walked away from NIMR, Seaview and her sailor. The demand of their work and the similarity of their personalities was more than even their shoulders could carry. Did she want to celebrate another birthday and the year ahead without Admiral Harriman Nelson?

Stories written from one fan to another.
Based on the character CJ and her romance with Admiral Nelson.
Enjoy these special moments shared between lovers. 

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 The series aired from September 1964 through March 1968.
Thanks to the imagination of these writers we continue
to enjoy the adventure.

CS Brown
created the character named CJ. This character shares
Admiral Harry Nelson's passions especially of life within the oceans