The three spheres of research, policy, and practice seem as disconnected as ever. Research is often viewed by policymakers as a day late and a dollar short and further dismissed as being non-applicable or inaccessible to practitioners. Similarly, practitioners, even those who practice reflective teaching, often dismiss educational research, relying rather on their own experiences or water cooler analysis for decision making. With doubts about efficacy, it is no wonder there is a lack of value placed on educational research. Education in the 21st century continues to face long-entrenched problems such as poverty, a perception of “failing schools”, achievement gaps, equitable access to quality early childhood education, and so much more. It is more important than ever that policymakers, practitioners, and researchers work together towards the common vision to improve education for the future.

        The 20th Southeastern Association of Educational Studies (SEAES) Conference seeks to bring to the forefront inspiring works of educational researchers and practitioners which demonstrate potential to advance quality education for all students and positively impact policy, practice, and research, while remaining focused on equity and social justice. In the spirit of inclusion and diversity, we are particularly encouraging cross-institutional and/or interdisciplinary teams of authors to participate. We look forward to receiving your
proposals by February 24, 2017 and to welcoming you at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Education on Saturday, April 1, 2017.