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Please note that Seacrest is NC-17, due to the adult nature of the basic premise. Sex (of all varieties and persuasions) will be mentioned and can be roleplayed explicitly, also, there can and will be violence, both are parts of human nature - if you can't deal with it, this isn't really the club for you. You must be of legal age of majority to join, and we do not take responsibility if you lie about your age to get in.

Brief History

Interval 6

In our main timeline the Southern Continent had been re-discovered approximately in the middle of the 6th Interval. Sailors had struck out straight south from Southern Boll and made landfall on a long stretch of white sandy beach east of towering, jutting cliffs. The mainly flat lands were ideal for farmers and the lush green rollings hills attracted breeders of herd- and runnerbeasts. Fishermen settled along the shoreline and along the main river cutting through the territory. The mountain range in the backlands proved to be rich in mineral resources. Economy flourished.

Pass 7

Then Threadfall came back and all life was threatened. In a haste Seacrest Weyr was established at the beginning of the 7th Pass to save the people, lands and lifestock. The Weyr grew and flourished with lots of dragons and riders being glad to transfer there since the Northern Weyrs were overpopulated. Toward the end of the 7th Pass, Seacrest Weyr was struck by a plague and the northern Weyrs broke off all contact.

Interval 7

During the 7th Interval, life normalised in Seacrest Territory, the plague had been overcome, contact with the North was re-established, and the territory expanded. Eventually the holds stopped tithing as the Weyr was turned into a Weyrhold and became self-sufficient. Then, once again, Thread returned.

Pass 8

The vastly expanded territory proved too much ground to cover for one Weyr alone, even though this Weyr was beyond its capacity, hardly able to keep up in creating new weyrs for all the new pairs resulting from the big and more frequent clutches the queens produced. A second Weyr, Sunpeak, was established, quickly filling with dragons from Seacrest and all the Northern Weyrs. Both Weyrs and the ever growing territory flourished despite Threadfall and continued to do so long into the next Interval.

Interval 9

When Threadfall did not return after 200 turns as expected[1], the remaining dragon population of Sunpeak decided to abandon the Weyr. Some went to live at Seacrest, some went north, and quite a few followed those who had kept pushing further west despite the warnings of dragonriders that they would be left unprotected when Thread returned.

Large settlements developed all along the coast west of Fairview Hold, farms spreading into the lush green back country, and dragonriders built their own, self-sufficient hold alongside these pioneers, training to fly Thread and keeping traditions alive, so they would be able to protect the new settlements once the Interval did end.


During the Long Interval, pioneers had advanced far into the Southern Continent, the furthest outlying settlements mostly abandoned now, but many holdless bands have remained and keep pushing on. Unknowingly, some have set foot onto the ancient landing site...

Pass 9

Thread indeed returned. Only few of the civilians and not even all dragonriders had believed, the ancient, mindless threat to Pern's society would rain down on the planet again. As a result, many settlements were erased and many lives had been lost during the first Fall, almost to the point that people thought to abandon their holdings so far to the west of Seacrest Weyr. And many did, most fleeing back east, where the Weyr-less dragonriders re-inhabited Sunpeak Weyr. Many settlers even fled to the Northern Continent which was not prone to the same tectonic shifts as this unstable part of the Southern Continent causing frequent earthquakes and volcano eruptions, and which was better covered by Weyr protection.

Those settlers who chose to remain and fight for their lives and livelihoods, have since discovered that the pest they had been trying to exterminate since it had been discovered, was in fact protecting the land by eating burrowing Threads[2]. This astonishing discovery all but eliminated the need for ground crews, and the dragonriders' job was made much easier.


About mid-pass, a plague like it had not been seen since the end of the 7th Pass swept through the Southern Continent and mercilessly wiped out many lives - though this time it was people alone who suffered and died from this plague. It took months to figure out where it came from, how exactly it spread, and, much more important, how to contain and defeat it. By that time, Weyr population had suffered to such extent that the Thread-fighting force had been dangerously diminished and wings had to be merged.

Explosion and Subsequent Earthquakes

A massive explosion caused by stupidity and carelessness has claimed many lives - and compromised the structure of the Weyr itself. A new chapter has begun...

Far Future

As an additional incentive for creative thinking and writing, we are experimenting with an additional timeline set far into the future. After the last known Pass, the Red Star has simply never returned. Technology has developed rapidly, though not quite comparably to Earth due to the restrictions set by the trademark 'negligible resources' that were cause for P.E.R.N.'s classification. For example, we decided there is no oil in our universe, so no combustion engines and no plastics as we know them. We have electricity through coal and wood burning (though these resources are now mainly reserved for other purposes), water and wind turbines. Hard metals are also rare and are nearly exclusively reserved for industrial purposes.

The biggest change in this world after Thread, socially speaking, is that dragons and their riders are no longer needed, have not been needed for centuries. Dragons are are a dying species, threatened by extinction, and their caretakers are largely disrespected by common society. The Lord Holders of old times are aristocratic celebrities without merit or political powers, while crafters have risen to power and make up the main work force as well as the governments of cities and countries previously ruled by Hold and Weyr.

But even in these dire times for dragonriders there are romantic enthusiasts fighting tooth and nail to keep the majestic beasts and their mind-linked human partners who were once the heroes of Pern alive.