How to sit at home and drive your speedy Macgregor thru Marathon harbor (or anywhere else you have charts).

The following storyboard assumes you are at skill level 5 of 10 in SeaClear charting ability. 

Start SeaClear without a GPS connected.  Ignore the 2 or 3 warnings that it can not find the comm port.

Next, bring up your favorite place you want to boat around in.  Above we have Marathon. 

Then, use the route editor and edit a route thru the harbor.  Save it, and then make sure it is opened.
Here is mine, called testmarathon.SRW.

Open it and.......

You get the above route, or whatever you edited, into the screen.  Your route is in green (or whatever color you choose.)  
Each waypoint is a circle.  My route starts near marker G-19 so my route will go to the left on the screen. 
I could reverse the route and go from G-3 to G-19, of course.

Next is the trick that is not widely known.  Place the cursor (see the faint "cross" in the orange circle?) on the point of the chart
that you want your boat to be at.  (This is the way you can have your boat in Marathon or Hawaii instead of Utah!)

You accomplish this trick by right-mousing in the chart anywhere and getting the choices above, 
choose "tools" and "set DR position."  
DR stands for dead reckoning and is what SeaClear will use for your position without a GPS connected.

Eureka, Dorothy, we aren't in Kansas anymore.....   
Your boat icon suddenly appears where you placed it.

If you notice, the previous pic shows the course of the boat to be parallel to the longitude lines, 
so the course is "0" degrees, as confirmed in the red DR window.  And the speed is zero. so the icon
will not be going anywhere.

For fun, I left the course at "0" and set the speed for 24 knots.  Why not have some fun?
As you can see, I jumped off my waypoint and am skimming across the land headed for the radio towers.
Charting software doesn't prevent a sailor from hitting land, as this proves.  You can enter different
speeds and course headings in the DR window and your Mac will motor anywhere you want, in any
direction or speed.

Looks like I may go between the towers.......the dirt is real hard on the prop...

Now, let's add a few features.  First, turn on "Automatic" by clicking on the place shown above.  
What this does is make the icon appear on the screen against the chart that SeaClear selects for you and
at the zoom ratio that you have preselected in the setup.  The original default window and zoom settings are what I use.
Note: this automatic feature is the one that makes SeaClear go from proper chart to proper chart 
across the USA and world automatically.
As you can see, SeaClear decided my screen should shift up so that I could better see
what lays ahead of me.  Note, the red line at the bow of the boat icon is the present heading.

That was fun, but what about the route we edited and opened?  Oh yeah.  Let's activate it by
clicking on the Activate Route box. The following info box will open up with lots of route info.

Waypoint name WP-2
BWR: Bearing to waypoint, Rumb Line
XTE: Crosstrack error,
BOD: Bearing from Origin to Destinaiton,
WCV: Waypoint Closure Velocity
RNG: Range to waypoint,
TTG: Time to go to waypoint,
TRNG: Range to go end of route,
TTTG: Time to go from current position using waypoint speed data.
NEXT: Next bearing is shown.
TIME: Time since route was activated.
____||____: Steering indicator, showing how to follow the route.

Now, you can use that above info to manually change your headings and speed and try to maintain a proper
course back to your route and along the proper waypoints.  (Note: The "track on" box will lay down a track line
of where you have been.)
But, what if you are tired of being at the virtual wheel, and want a beer and to sit back and relax?  
SeaClear is ready for you to do that.
Just activate the output to the automatic pilot by clicking the NMEA Out box.  If it was real world and you had a wheel pilot
SeaClear could drive it.  But, since you are in DR mode, SeaClear will now fully steer your 
imaginary boat (you select the speed) back to the proper activated route as you sit and watch.

Here, in auto-plot, is my Mac in the midst of a turn, and it will eventually turn to proper course as shown in the 
course routing window.  Please ignore the example of going over land to get back to G-19 marker...
And as I sip my beer, my Mac skims along at 24 knots out of Marathon.

Thanks for reading....