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Aquaponics Update - Feb 3, 2012

posted Feb 6, 2012, 11:27 AM by Seabury Engineering
So far the Aquaponics group has had two harvests of lettuce, of two different
varieties, which have been put into the specialty salad of the day served at lunch.
Our first harvest was a butter crunch lettuce, which had a better texture and
was less bitter than our second harvest, which was an Italian miscantzi. We have
encountered some issues with how our lettuce is growing and think that maybe one
side of the trays is not getting enough sun our oxygen, so we have been working
on that. Right now our whole bed is almost full with baby lettuce and some just
sprouting, so within a little while we’ll have fresh lettuce in the specialty salad for
the next few weeks. We’ve also run a comparison test from Mr. Hodara’s romaine
head to ours, and ours grew to about triple the size of one of his heads. The power of
aquaponics. We have also been growing some tomatoes, kalo, basil, and working on
bell peppers.