2011-2012 Updates

posted Dec 4, 2011, 5:23 PM by Seabury Engineering
This semester, the Diesel Motorcycle group accomplished almost all of the work to make the bike street legal. The group from last year gave us a bike that worked but did not pass the requirements to be able to ride on the street. Some of the more major things we accomplished include running a fuel system to be able to run different fuels, moving the seat back to make a more comfortable ride, fabricating extensions on the rear fender to hold it to the frame, running a rear brake from the handle bar because the peg did not have enough room, and loosening the drive belt so that it would idle. Some minor additions to the bike include, making a bracket to hold the rear brake handle on, and sanding/ epoxy-ing the tanks and fenders to be prepped for painting. Our project seems to be on track for finishing by the end of first semester. The main jobs that have to be finished are attaining the title for the bike, wiring all of the necessary components for a safety, and finish installing the complete rear brake and running the brake line. Overall, this semester has been very productive and is looking promising to be completed on time.