Sean Brewer



redditalien.cow -  A Reddit alien cowsay cow file.

Firefox Extensions:

RTSToolbar -  A toolbar for Reddit members of the Report the Spammers subreddit. (currently Sandboxed, requires that you login to download.)

OpenDNSadblock - Hide "Blocked by OpenDNS" banner that displays on OpenDNS blocked ads. (Definitely deprecated, requires the Greasemonkey Firefox extension)


pyRandomdotOrg - Python interface to Documentation is included in this package (updated 05-27-2008). It got listed on's client page!

TicTacToe - Python implementation of Tic Tac Toe using the minimax algorithm for the computer AI.

twittermessage - Send messages to your Twitter account via command line.

pynim - Play the game of Nim with a computer. User interaction is kind of rough. It wasn't really meant to be seen outside of an in-class presentation.

ghcontroller - This is a work in progress. It currently allows you to play sounds (ogg) mapped to your USB guitar hero controller via a driver. For Mac OS X it can be found here:    

It also requires pygame:



Knuth Morris Pratt algorithm implemented in Lua - kmp.lua



Automatic Lie Poisson Synthesis by Genetic Algorithms Research [code] [poster] (Dr. S. Benzel, S. Brewer) - Code written for the project in C and C++. Kind of messy, but got the job done. This is from my desktop and not from the repository hosted on Berry's CS server (which was down), so this may be incomplete.

 Cartulina (formerly flashCard) - A program to use to learn vocabulary.


ChucK: - A card deck class for using standard playing cards in music composition with ChucK (very broken at the moment).



Real World Haskell - I helped out with the community effort in proof-checking/giving suggestions to the new Real World Haskell book. It's a fantastic book. The effort behind the book showcases how a passionate, tight-knit community can make something great even greater.

scalegen.hs - Generates every possible scale (in Western Music) combination with Haskell [code] [scales (nums)] [scales (notes)

Game of Life Music Generator - Generates  music score and midi file of score based off of Conway's Game of Life states and other variations of it, using Haskell and Lilypond (currently incomplete): [code]



Changer - A small VBScript to randomly switch between 4 wallpapers. Can be used to emulate the automatic wallpaper changing effect in Mac OS X, or pranks.