About SABS

Our Mission 

To advance the conservation of Southeast Asia’s biological diversity with and for its people.

Our Objectives

  • Facilitate, collaborate and carry out research on tropical Southeast Asian biodiversity 
  • Publish and disseminate materials on ecology, evolution, taxonomy and behavior of tropical Southeast-Asian biodiversity 
  • Conservation and biodiversity education 
  • Evaluate conservation status of Southeast Asian species at a National and International level and recommend for conservation action 
  • Establish a coordinated master online database of the biodiversity of South-east Asia. 

Our People

Fam Shun Deng

President: Fam Shun Deng

My main research interest lies in the taxonomy and biogeography of primates and big cats. I’m also interested in integrative approaches to biodiversity science, which includes the use of molecular methods, mathematics (e.g. game theory) as well as the political ecology of biodiversity and conservation.  My undergraduate research focused on the field biology and craniometry of slow lorises (Genus Nycticebus) and their situation in the illegal international and native medicinal trade. I am currently doing a Masters in Primate Conservation at Oxford Brookes University and my dissertation was on the ecological niche modelling of the distributions of slow lorises and gibbons in Southeast Asia. I am currently back at the National University of Singapore as a research assistant, working on mutualism between fig wasps and their fig species, and the impact the loss of megafauna species from their historical range has on large-fruited plant dispersal.

Yong Dingli Vice-President: Yong Ding Li

I am interested in biogeography, ecology and conservation Southeast Asian forest birds, bats and butterflies. My honours project examined the persistence of bird and butterfly families in forest fragments in Peninsular Malaysia. I am currently working on a book on the birds of Malaysia.

Tang Junhao Secretary: Tang Jun Hao

I am interested in behaviourial biology, evolution and entomology. I did a biogeographical study of ants and spiders in the islands of Singapore. My current research examines the phylogenetic relationships of caste polymorphism in pheidologeton ants.

Andie Ang Assistant Secretary: Andie Ang

I am interested in the ecology and evolution of primates, their natural history, and in particular, conservation biology. My honours thesis work examined the evolution of handedness in non-human primates. My current research at the National University of Singapore examines the demography and ecology of the banded leaf monkeys (
Presbytis femoralis) in Singapore.